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Exclusive Interview with Leena Sky


Florida has provided the industry with a bevy of MILF’s  and the latest to join their ranks is Leena Sky. She was quickly noticed as she was a prof who in early 30’s decided to become a pornstar. Leena has embraced her new career with great enthusiasm and deserves every success.

1 Can you tell us something about your background?
 I grew up just outside of Philadelphia and was largely a tomboy. I never even learned much about applying makeup well until recently! I am probably the last girl that anyone would think would go into porn. I was a very shy kid and bullied a lot in school.

2 What can you remember about your first time with another man?
 I was very scared. My first time was in the back of a car and I was SO inexperienced. It wasn’t great!

3 What can you remember about your first time with another woman?
 It was sensual, lots of kissing, and fun!!

4 What’s you favourite part of a man’s body and why?
 I love a man’s legs and butt – especially if they are toned and muscular. I love strength in men. A good penis is always nice too! haha

What’s your favourite part of a woman’s body and why?
Breasts for sure! They are just beautiful and fun to play with.

5 What do you enjoy most about sex with men and sex with women?
I love the intensity with both. I love the softness of a woman’s body and playing with a pussy. However, I love feeling a penis penetrate me when fucking a man.

6 You started masturbating at an early age. Can you remember your first sex toy and what’s your favourite one now?  OMG how embarrassing to say, but it was my Cabbage Patch kids doll! I just rubbed it all over and learned that way. Now my favorite toy is a Hitachi Magic Wand!

7 What was the first porn you saw and what did you like about it? Do you watch a lot of porn now?
 I actually watch the most porn now! I consider it as research ? I never watched porn before considering this industry. I then began watching tons of Sasha Grey films because she was so beautiful and bold. I was sad that she retired!

8 When did you start researching the adult industry and how did you go about it? What finally decided you to take the leap to becoming a performer ?

 I researched after webcamming and learning that some fans might want to see me on camera more! I think that the encouragement of fans helped me to get the confidence to pursue it.

9 What do you think the advantages are about starting in the industry in your early 30’s as opposed to late teens or early twenties?
I am SO much more confident sexually. I was not as secure in my body 10 years ago, and was not as open-minded sexually.

10 How did you choose the name Leena Sky?
I was actually at my first shoot and had a ridiculous name selected. I started panicking because I realized I needed to change it to something better. A makeup artist helped me develop the name! The Sky from my current last name. Leena sounded Russian to us, and that is part of my ancestry – so it worked! I just went with it. I googled the name and didn’t see anyone had that.
11 What can you remember about the first scene you shot?
Just how sensual and hot it really was! How professional Levi Cash was and how much he SPOILED me!! He was kind, sweet, and truly amazing to work with.

12 What’s been you favourite BG scene so far and why? Can you name five male performers you’d like to work with and tell us why?
I think the Reality Kings shoot was my favorite because Levi was so amazing to work with. I would LOVE to work with:

Tommy Gunn – because he is truly an awesome performer, and a great person (I had the pleasure of meeting him in May)
Johnny Sins – he is a HOT performer and amazing physique!
Prince Yahshua – he also is an excellent performer. Very authentic, and has done some awesome work! I am a fan of what he has done on his site and for in particular.
James Deen – I really love his work on
Levi  Cash – I want to work with him again!!

13 Why is kink com your favourite site and which of their series would you like to do scenes for and why?
Kink pushes the boundaries. That is why I love their site. It is great quality, and unique footage. It has so many different sites for exploring just about every type of fantasy! I would love to do any of the Domme work for them, or fucking machines, wrestling, etc.

14 How did you get into wrestling and what do you like about it?
I got into wrestling through my fetish work, but had always been interested in it since I was a teenager. I LOVE how physical it is and what a great work out it is! I like feeling strong!

15 Would you like to do more modeling work and in what kind of styles?
I would LOVE to do more magazine photo shoots. Especially fashion and nude/ semi-nude (e.g. Hustler, Playboy)

16 Is web camming as much fun as being in front of a live audience?
Definitely not! I much prefer live work, but do enjoy interacting with fans on the cam.

17. Do you use your teaching skills to make it an interactive experience?
Sometimes!! Great question!

17 1/2 What’s the best thing for you about being a dancer?
I love any activity that allows me to use my body and get a great workout. I am actually not dancing as much these days, but would love to be a Feature Performer for clubs all over the country.

18 Is it easy to find work in Florida or will you eventually move to LA?
Florida does have its challenges. I stay busy, but I have to travel a lot to Tampa and Orlando, where a good bit of the work for me is. I do get scene work still in Fort Lauderdale/ Miami, but not as frequently as in North Florida, or out of state. A move to LA may be necessary one day, unless I focus mainly on shooting my own website content here in Florida.

19 What scenes can readers look forward to?
I have several scenes pending. I did recent scenes for Naughty America,, several for, and….all that I cannot wait to see as well! I only wish I had exact release dates for fans.

20. Where can people find you on the net?, Leena Sky on FB, or Leenasky1 on twitter

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