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Exclusive interview With Mia Isabella


Interview by Monstar of exclusive to LIB

For those that are not yet familiar with you, say a little bit about yourself.
 Hi everyone I am Mia Isabella the 2011 Transsexual Performer of The Year For XBIZ and Urban X. I am known around the world to my fans and admirers as “Cutest Little TS Chick With The Biggest Candy Stick”. I started my career in the adult business in 2005 and launched my official site in 2008 with SMC Revenue the network of the worlds most beautiful transsexual adult models.
Are you surprised by the amount of success you have attained?
I am so shocked and feel so blessed to have made it to this level in my career. The awards showed me that the industry recognized me as one of the best, but having young ts models tell me I inspire them and am a role model to them is the biggest reward and indication that I have attained success.

 What can we look forward to in your next DVD?

Goodness! This DVD is my first full feature dvd that contains all hardcore action no glamour solo shoots which I am known for. I did my first TS and Girl shoot with Ashli Orion full of multiple orgasms, a sexy video with TS superstar Vanity, a double fetish feature with my fiance Ty Roderick where we switch roles as doms and many many more steamy selections never before seen.

Explain one of your goals in the adult industry you hope to accomplish?
 There are so many things Im working on that must remain secret until completion because they are of the mainstream nature and I want the shock and awww to be mind blowing. But I will say that it would would mean the world to top of this past years award wins with an AVN award.

Dispel any rumor or wrongful information you may have heard about yourself.

 Well it seems many would like to sensationalize my move from The Rub PR to Star Factory PR so to address that I will simply say: I had an amazing run with Erika Icon of The Rub PR but as my career evolves so must I. There was no bad blood involved it was a matter of a few things, me taking a short break to re-strategize my goals and approach, The Rub PR taking on a competitive transsexual company as clients during that break and finally me needing a fresh approach and take on my brand to move me into the next level which I feel The Star Factory can provide for me.

Tell me about some of the people you want to work with.
I would love to work with top production companies such as Digital Playground and others in high budget films as talent with some of the top female performers in the business. It would be a thrill to work with the most beautiful women in the industry and bring my genre a little more outside the transsexual box.

So far what has been the hottest scene you’ve done?

 I think my absolute hottest scene so far has to be my double fetish feature with Ty Roderick. It was new to totally go from being the dom in the scene to switching into the total submissive and allowing him to man handle me in every way to an amazing orgasmic climax.

Everyone encounters some sort of negative person or people in the industry, how do you deal with it?

I really don’t care what jealous people have to say because if they aren’t talking about you then you are no longer relevant. I smile and continue to strive for success and to bring myself to new levels I myself find unbelievable to achieve. They do not make a difference in how I measure my success or life and while they gripe and complain I will be some where beautiful drinking up the sun and feeling blessed for all the love I have in my life.

If you can change one thing about your time in the industry, what would that be and why?

There is nothing I would change because everything happened in the right place and time as it was meant to. I am proud to have made it this far and now realize that it is finally my time and I couldn’t be happier.

Write a little bit about your interest outside of porn, what are you into?

 I graduated from a prestigious fashion school in Paris in 2007 and opened up my first private boutique in Chicago in 2008. I spent most of my career in the fashion industry as a stylist to celebrity clients for fashion week events around the world, social events and photoshoots. I enjoyed the luxury of traveling all corners of the globe and began my love affair as a socialite and jet-setter before the market crashed. As all my friends know – if there is a red carpet Im there lol I feel so at home in front of the camera in any form. And as of the last year and a half I became engaged to the man of my dreams and we will celebrate this winter with our wedding.

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