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Exclusive Interview with Nautica Thorn

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I have waited a long time for Nautica Thorn. Four years ago I started to work on an doing a layout and interview and cover with her. We could just never make it work. I tried again two years ago, still no luck. Don’t get me wrong, Nautica is not difficult to deal with at all. She is a gorgeous, funny, sweet, sexy doll. She is also extremely busy running her own company, Nautica Thorn Productions, having hot sex in movies, feature dancing around the country and appearing around the world. So it gets tough to connect our schedules and get pictures and do an interview all on a tight time line. But finally with the help of Julie at LFP and Robert, (Nautica’s boyfriend), the stars aligned and Nautica arrived. On the pages of Xcitement and on the internet at , here is our first (and certainly not our last) big story on the nonpareil Nautica Thorn.

Interview By Cindi Loftus
Photos Courtesy of Nautica Thorn Productions
©2008 Xcitement Magazine

Xcitement: It’s good to finally talk to you. Robert tells me you guys are in Montana. I’ve always wanted to go there. I hear there are hardly any people there, which I would really like.
Nautica: When we were coming in there was a deer crossing the street.
X: That’s awesome. I hope you get time to ride around and explore. I know you are there for work.
N: We saw the mountains when we were driving here. They are gorgeous.
X: I’m sure you are going to be very popular tonight at the club.
N: I was very surprised when I learned that I was booked in Montana. I was like, oh wow, there’s strip clubs out there.
X: I can’t imagine that they have too many big stars appearing there, let alone one that is ½ Japanese, ¼ Puerto Rican and a ¼ Hawaiian.
N: I bet they don’t know what to expect from someone who has all that mixed together.
X: I saw your site It’s really nice. And I’m sure you want everyone to go there and become members.
N: That would be a great thing for them to do.
X: (Laughs)
N: (Laughs) I was just finishing up my blog before you called. I do a blog on there everyday.
X: Every day?
N: Every week day, yeah.
X: That’s great. That means your members are getting a really up to date site.
N: I talk about everything I am doing. I also post up videos or pictures. I would feel like I was ripping people off if I didn’t do that.
X: That’s good for your fans to know. When they join your site they are getting their money’s worth. How many movies have you done now?
N: Total, I know I am past the 250 mark. I’m just not sure of the exact number I am at right now.
X: And which one if your favorite one of all of them?
N: I would have to say Fixation, because I took it in the butt.
X: I thought that scene with Jada Fire was really sexy.
N: I thought it was too. I hardly have girls squirt on me, so I would definitely recommend that movie.
X: I was going to ask you if the scene with Jada was your favorite scene.
N: It definitely was. I thought of the milk and pouring on us. Let’s be in the shower so we are all wet. There was a lot of thought process that went into that. Not just telling her to squirt on me and put it in my ass.
X: When Jada poured that huge pitcher of milk all over you it was very hot.
N: And when she was pouring and I was bouncing my booty.
And then I told her, I have milk all over me you have to squirt on me and wash it off.
X: I saw the behind the scenes and it looked like a camera man was putting on a raincoat.
N: We didn’t actually get him a raincoat, because we didn’t anticipate… I’ve never seen Jada squirt so I didn’t know that she was a long-range squirter. So the cameraman went and got a trash bag and put it on.
X: I wouldn’t want to be the PA who had to clean up after that scene.
N: It was actually funny because the PA got a blast because he was holding glass in front of the camera because I wanted Jade to squirt directly into the camera. So he was in the line of fire all the way.
X: That reminded me of the audience in a Gallagher show. Where the people in the front of the audience get watermelon all over them. Or if you are in a water flume ride.
N: Definitely, you get a splash down, dangerous for the first three rows.
X: That=2 0was a really nice scene.  You guys had a great look together.
N: I really thought about who I could trust to put it in my butt. Plus Jada is hot, she has big boobs, she squirts, so she was just it.
X: You did good!
N: Thank you!
X: I would have been a little afraid of her long manicured nails though.
N: I’m not big on girl’s fingering me, because once I had a bad experience at the beginning of my career. Now I am getting more used to it.
X: She was good though, she didn’t really do anything dangerous.
N: Well we had talked about that before hand.
X: But you didn’t mind that she put that huge blue rubber penis in your pussy.
N: That was my toy that I bought specifically for the scene.
X: The blue color was great, and it was pretty big.
N: Yeah, that’s why I got two blue ones. One really huge one and a smaller one to put in the butt.
X: And then you had the pink one. Was that a vibrator?
N: Yeah, that is actually my favorite toy, well no, it’s my second favorite toy. And that’s the one I picked for my butt. I’ve had it for about four years.
X: Wow if it lasted this long being used by you, the company who makes it should contact you to be the spokes model for the toy.
N: Yeah, send me more! A lifetime supply.
X: If it lasted for you for four years it must be pretty durable.
N: Yeah it’s glass and it’s got little sparkles in it.
X: If that’s your second favorite toy, what’s your first?
N: The Hitachi.
X: The high-powered adjustable speed heavy duty vibrator.
N: I go through batteries a lot. So my Hitachi plugs into the wall and that makes me a big fan of it.
X: When you first started, you only did girls. How long did that last?
N: That lasted for a little over a year. So I’ve been doing guys for about three years.
X: Well when I was looking through my new pictures of you I compared them from the ones I had from two years ago and you look exactly the s ame.
N: That’s a good thing. Yah!
X: Yes it is. No wrinkles, nothing is sagging. Everything is exactly where it was then.
N: (Cracks up)
X: You were raised in Hawaii?
N: Yes born and raised there.
X: If I asked you what your favorite place in the world was, what would it be?
N: Uhm. I guess it would have to be Hawaii. I took it for granted when I lived there. But I moved away and then I went back.  I miss it now.
X: So did you eat a lot of Spam growing up in Hawaii?
N: I did. And when I first moved here I had my Mom ship over Spam. I don’t eat it know because I am a vegetarian.
X: That’s such a strange food to me, and it’s so popular in Hawaii. Where I was born and raised (Upstate New York) it’s something you would never think of eating.
N: In Hawaii there is a big festival celebrating Spam. That’s how dedicated we are to our Spam.
X: I wonder how Spam became the national meat of Hawaii. Do you think it was20because fresh meat was expensive to get to the islands, or raise on the islands? And Spam lasts a long time in the can?
N: I think because it’s cheap.
X: Well it’s definitely different. In no other state would you find a California roll made out of rice, seaweed and sushi at the convenience stores.
N: Oh, Robert has just clued me in that the reason we became addicted to Spam was because back in World War 2, there was no meat. So Spam was all the meat that we had.
X: Interesting. I watched you guy’s movie Entering Nautica today. That was a really pretty movie with nice sets and graphics and menus.
N: Thank you. I wanted the viewers to feel as if they were visiting my website.
X: Well I liked visiting your website, but I would rather visit the set with the piano that you and Tyler Faith were on.
N: Gorgeous piano. I wanted to play it, but I don’t know how to play the piano.
X: I wanted to play with Tyler too.
N: Tyler is awesome to play with.
X: It seemed that you really, really liked what she was doing.
N: Oh yeah. We have been friends for a while. And I said to her you need to do my movie and we need to fuck. We have only fucked that one time. We never did it before the movie. It was a pretty good moment.
X: It was pretty hot when she was pulling your hair and fucking you with a dildo I’ll tell ya.
N: She did not hold back with me.
X: So you don’t know how to play piano but you know how to play Tyler.
N: Yes, I know how to play Tyler pretty well.
X: What do you like to do for fun?
N: Typical girl stuff. I go shopping. But I have six dogs so I am mostly at home taking care of them when I am not working.
X: I saw the one you have in the behind the scenes, Christiana.
N: She is actually the true owner of the company, but she doesn’t speak human, so we have to translate for her.
X: Does she take the biggest paycheck too?
N: No she’s very easy, we pay her out in treats. I was hoping people would go ahead and jerk off during the movies, before they watched the behind the scenes. Because if they were getting in the mood an d all of a sudden Christiana comes on and starts doing cute stuff…
X: Yeah, she’d probably kill the boner. Because she’s not a, well we hope she’s not a sexual attraction.
N: Yeah, let’s hope not.
X: Are you going to have kids? Or are six dogs enough for you?
N: I want to have kids when I retire. I’m hoping they are all boys though, I don’t want any girls. I don’t think I could handle my girl coming to me and saying, “Mom, can you help me come up with a porn name?”
X: So would you suggest the standard porn name, your first pet and the street you grew up on?
N: That would have not been a very good name for me. My first pet was Fluffy, and my first street was Ho’o’honua. So that wouldn’t have been a good idea.
X: But it is funny as hell. Some new guy porn star should do it really blatantly by naming himself something like Flip Main, or Spot Elm. Do you have any fetishes?
N: After being in the business for a while I think I have done most of them. It’s time to come up with some new ones. Maybe I should try out those animal costumes and be a fuzzy.
X: Yeah. I don’t get that one, but to each his own. I am sure if you put on a fuzzy animal costume people would want to rub on you.
N: I’d say PET ME!
X: Any time you want to get petted, just let me know. I’d be happy to do it myself or find someone to do it for you.
N: Maybe I’ll get a bunch of my friends and we will all put on farm animal costumes and we’ll have a petting zoo.
X: That would be a very interesting movie to make. Especially if you did your sex scenes with the costumes half on. You could have a cow-person doing a sheep-person.
N: We would look like those Greek characters.
X: Yes, the centaur, half man, half horse.
X: You would never get fake boobs, would you?
N: No. I’m scared of needles. I don’t think I would want to anyway, unless I had kids and they got kind of saggy. Then maybe I would get a little lift.
X: Do you have a message for your fans?
N: Don’t get it in your eye, it really stings. (Laughs)

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