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Exclusive Interview with Necro, a sick fuck…


Without question – and by his own admission –  Necro is a sick fuck, possibly one of the sickest fucks on the planet.  For those unfamiliar, Necro is a Brooklyn, NY based MC who can lay claim to being the most explicit MC in hip hop.  His music is littered with porn refernces, a good example is his song “Get On Your Knees“, from the I Need Drugs album, which is entirely about porn.  Necro also directed Lanny Barbie in the porn flick Sexy Slicks.

His latest album is Death Rap which explores his other pechants besides sex, death and violence, as his name would suggest.  In November he released a special edition CD/DVD of his album The Sexorcist which contains a video for his single “Who’s Your Daddy” that has appearances by Ron Jeremy, Joey SilveraMax HardcoreVince VouyerErik Everhard, Jack Napier, Bobby Vitale, Rebeca Linares, Kinzie Kenner, Britney Stevens, Alexis SilverSavannah Stern and more.
AL:  What are your porn preferences?  Do you tend to stick to certain porn companies, directors, stars, websites etc? 

Necro:  It all depends on the season of the year, I always like bitches gettin fucked, so its always straight shit  I’m not into shit eating, or any weirdo shit, just girls getting fucked real good in numerous different ways

I like companies like Evil Angel, Reality Kings got good shit, Brazzers, AssTraffic, AllInternal, Private sometimes, it all depends. I notice companies go through phases, but really I need to quit porn, because its fucking up my head I expect all girls I meet to fuck and suck like pornstars and most women can’t live up to that shit.

As far as directors, Raul Christian was the shit for about a year, but he seems to be falling off lately.

As for stars, I love new chicks, brand new, off the banana boat or the white slavery boat 

Names of hos i like, Sorana i think, she is black haired from Romania with a fat ass. (If she’s around) you are good for this week.

I like too many to name, I’m a freak and a pervert man. I had this German Russian bitch in my house last week, and i was eating her pussy til she came, and she was straight out Eurosexparties, thats how I get down man.


A:  I think gangbangs are gay and cum play is retarded.  Are there certain acts you prefer to see and ones you dislike?

N:  Gangbangs are something that I was never into, a girl getting fucked by 5 guys, but they don’t show the guys at all, and its focused mostly on the girl and her being shredded by 5 dicks, that’s more poetic, cuz she is being abused, and how many girls you know in real life that aren’t porn stars that would let that happen to them?

I’d love to see a regular girl in my acting school take 5 dicks at once. They would probably die from the stress, so it all depends with gangbangs, Franco Roccaforte is an actor that can pull that off with Jamaica, they can gangbang bitches and get creative.

Cum play is nothing special, it all comes down to the girl, and what she is doing, if she is really into it, and she is begging for the sperm, and she is making noises and moaning then its dope, its like silence of the lambs meets blood sucking freaks meets casino is that a little girl I hear???? A little after dinner music?? Put the lotion in the fucking basket!!!

A: What is your opinion of alt porn? 

N:  What is alt porn?? i don’t know what that term means.

A: Do you remember what was the first porno you saw, or the first porno or performer that got you really interested in porn?

N:  Must have been some 70’s shit with Hypatia Lee. I loved Traci Lords, Ginger Lynn, Amber Lynn, all those whores were the shit

I used to steal it from my fathers extensive collection of VHS cassettes

A: I think the extended up close penetration shot fucks most pornos up.  What’s your take on that?

N: I don’t think there is any reason for “oooopah” man to show the inside of an asshole or the inside of a pussy.

I’m not getting turned on by looking at intestines unless I’m in a faces of death mood, and when I fuck its usually not a gore mood Im in, or else Id be killing the woman, not cuddling with her

so that autopsy upclose and personal with Michelle Pfiefer isn’t needed. I think a foot away is enough.

It’s bad enough you get shit on ya dick fucking her in the ass, or blood on ya dick, don’t ruin the fantasy, porn is fantasy.

Thats why I’m fucked mentally, I want the girls in my real life to want my dick like the girls in porn want it.
Sure, a lot do, but they aren’t dime pieces, they might be 6’s and 7’s.
I want the girls in music videos to be pure whores and the fact is most won’t be,  that’s why sheiks abduct women and that’s why the white slavery business is the biggest racket in Europe cause motherfuckers are porn freaks and wanna fulfill their fantasies, so they do it by force, I’m not with that.

But hey, I’m just me. I’m quite fucked up, but I’m always willing to pay for a woman’s meal if she does the right thing, a little fair trade.


A:  I noticed in the “Who’s your Daddy Video” that all of the bitches have natural tits.  Is that a coincidence or 

are not you not into bitches with implants or plastic surgery as a whole? 

N: I didn’t analyze that honestly when I was casting those bitches, but in general i prefer natural, but some girls with fake tits get my dick rock hard, its all how they are packaged.

 A:  What do you think about Max Hardcore, his work and his imprisonment? 

N: I think max is cool for being in my video, he was walking around like a dick and not many people I was down with liked him for that but he is a porn legend and I respect him. I have watched some of his work. I was not a die hard fan, but he was ill, and I don’t think he should have to suffer any laws, that’s wack. He didn’t force anyone, that’s the porn game, fuck that shit. Free max!!!!!!!!!!


A:  Ever have thoughts of doing an Evan from Biohazard and start fucking bitches on camera?

N: Nah, that’s not my thing. I mean I  would have to marry a Tera. I’m sure that’s why he started doing it.  Plus they make a lot of money, knowing you got houses and cars and you are stable, and probably financially free at this point, who gives a fuck. He ain’t worried about bio-hazard fans not liking him. I am worried about what my Necro fans would think, so i couldn’t do that, but everyone has their own path in life and how they wanna do shit. I’m no one to judge anyone, especially another Jew from Brooklyn. God bless him and his endeavors. I’m gonna win at mine


A:  Your song “I Need Drugs”, which is told from the perspective of the user, is an extremely vivid and realistic depiction of New York City drug culture.  Does your ability to convey that come solely from your time pushing drugs and your observation of fiends or were you a heavy user? 

N:  I was a heavy pot user, but never coke or crack, so that’s just me being visual and wanting to create something that would blow peoples minds,  that song now doesn’t impress me that much, but it seems to have had a great effect amongst a lot of people, and at shows in Europe the crowds chant I need drugs, but I never do it live. I like to perform the more brutal mosh pit anthem tracks


A:  Lastly, what are your plans for the future?

N: i just started acting and landed my first 3 acting gigs on tv, 

same show called Personal Justice, but different episodes

some crime re-enactment shit, one show I’m a serial killer, another I’m a construction worker, another a detective.

I love movies, so Im thinking long range, I feel by 40 I can be on the level of a Pacino when he was 30, which ain’t bad. That means I might be able to do some big roles

Plus I got the Necro music thing which is huge all over the world. I just love art, even more than the business

I love creating, rapping, acting, whatever, writing rhymes, screenplays, etc. so I needed to get the movie thing in program. Now it’s there, so while I move forward as Necro the rapper, I can move forward as Ron Braunstein the actor. I got 2 lanes now to pimp


A:  Thanks for your time and I wish you continued success. 

N:  Thank you, and same to you, keep doing ya thing. Peace.


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