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Exclusive Interview with Queer Performer Rozen Debow

Interview by Jon

Photos by Courtney Trouble


The first film Rozen was in won a Feminist Porn Award. She’s since joined the ranks of queer porn performers who’ve bought their raw sexual energy and authenticity to more mainstream companies such as Girlfriends Films.

1 Can you tell us a little about your background?

 I am an East coast femme who loves words, cats, and being naked.

2 How did you get into porn and what do you remember about your first scene?

    I remember I saw a photo shoot with Jiz Lee and Dylan Ryan for Girlfriends magazine when I was living in northern California. I had never heard of queer porn at that point and became fascinated by it. Within 3 months of the magazine coming out, I had moved to San Francisco. I randomly met Syd Blackovich. I ran up to her and said “I want to be in your films”. She was shocked but then I was cast in Superfreak.
    Superfreak was my first scene and I was just as excited as I was nervous. due to a small casting issue, my girlfriend at the time shot with me. So I was very comfortable with our sexual dynamic which made the whole experience easier.

3 How did you choose your stage name? Can you play an instrument?

    it has been years but i played the violin and the French horn growing up. My name is a violin reference.

4 Which do you prefer rough sex or vanilla and why?

    Definitely rough sex. I just like the intensity that occurs between people when they are tapping into that raw energy.

5 You’ve worked with some first class directors. What do you like about performing for Shine Louise Houston and Courtney Trouble?

    Both of these directors are amazing. I love them as friends and respect them as artists. Honestly the best thing about performing for both of them is the fact that I get to present myself how I want to be seen and fuck the way that I want to fuck. The freedom is so lovely and welcoming.

6 You have a scene in Juicy Pink Box’s Hotel. What’s it like working with fellow boob lover Jincey Lumpkin?

    Working with Jincey was a great experience. Her attention to detail is definitely witnessed on set and her final product. Her vision as a pornographer is very specific, which I loved being apart of..

7 How did you get to work with Girlfriends Films? What are the differences for you of being on set for GFF and a queer porn set
    I really lucked out with my ability to work with Girlfriends Films in LA. I was introduced to Dan O’Connell through a mutual friend. Dan booked me for one shoot and then it was history. They are one of my favorite companies to work with. The difference between a queer set and a lesbian set like GF is not much different in my eyes. I am very lucky that Dan allows me to fuck the way that I want to…

8 How did you discover you were a pain slut? What is the limit to your pain threshold? Does pain give you the best orgasms?
     I first discovered that I really liked pain when I played sports growing up. I didn’t understand that to I was a pain slut but I knew that I processed pain differently than most. I don’t actually know the limit to my pain threshold. I haven’t met it yet as I can internalize pain really well. Pain doesn’t give the best orgasms but it gives amazingly different ones.

9 You’ve done quite a bit of fetish work. What’s your favourite fetish and why?

    My favorite fetish so far is electricity. The subtlety and variance in electroplay is so enticing for the giver and receiver. It is an unnatural expression of pain and can push the receiver to really interesting places.

10 Which fetishes would you like to try and why?

     I would love to try role playing especially horse play. I also would love to explore more intense anal play and medical fetish play.

11 What’s your favourite sex toy and why?

    A rawhide cane. When used properly they hit in two different spots with one swing.

12 If you could own one new sex toy or piece of fetish gear what would it be and why?

     I was just talking about this question! I would love to own a really high quality gas mask.

13 You’ve worked with top performers such as Jiz Lee, Syd Blakovitch ,Dana Dearmond and Bobbi Starr. Can you give us a top 5 of performers you really want to work with and tell us why you chose them?

Joanna angel
Mickey Mod
Andy San Dimas
Skin Diamond
    Just a general explanation for all of them: they all are amazing performers with stellar work ethics. each one of them has their own look and energy that they’re able to portray on screen. i would be so honored to create work with any of them!
14 What’s your favourite book and why? What are you reading at the moment?

My favorite book is Exquisite Corpse by Poppy Z. Brite. I am reading The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest right now.

15 Can you tell us about your cats?

    I love my cats! I have two actually. My ride-or-die kitty is named Hydra. He is a 5 year old orange and white cat. He traveled with me to New York from Canada. He’s my old man. My newest feline addition is a baby kitten (who resembles a baby seal pup). His name is Snarf and he is going to be quite a large cat.

16 What are your favourite food and drinks?

    i absolutely love kale and quinoa. favorite drink: yerba mate or when I’m out on the town: cranberry seltzer.

17 If you weren’t working in porn what would you like to do?

    Well when I’m not working in porn I am writing about music and editing videos in NYC.

18 Where can people find you on the net?

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