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Exclusive Interview with Sabrina Deep- “A pubic full bush can be really hot, in my opinion”

NL- This is a really well done interview. Thank you both for doing it. The only question I still have after reading it is where is question #7? lol ?


by Jon Tribb

I’m sure many of the readers here know about your work at Fuckafan. I’d like though to explore your lady loving side.

1 Can you first tell us a little about your background?
I’m Canadian, I’m 33, tall, natural, not tanned; I’ve studied and I got into porn when I was 27. I have a husband who is my companion for 7 years now; I live in Italy and Canada. I love dogs and know all the existing races and breeds of the world (yeah Im a dog freak I know). I don’t do drugs, but I melt in front of a glass of wine. I love men and yet I don’t dislike women. Beauty is beautiful, but six packs and muscles don’t necessarily pertain to beauty. Chubby people yep: you’ve got a chance with me

2 You’re bisexual. Some performers are now saying they’d prefer to be called pansexual or omnisexual instead. Would you like to use either of these terms rather than bi?
Bi is just fine. Meaning pan and omni “all” in ancient Greek and Latin I’d feel as if I was including kids, animals and aliens among my sexual partners…no thanks: I have some limits thank God.

3 You’ve said you like to have sex with women in your private life. What can you remember about your first experience with another woman?
I was really nervous and I let her carry me and guide me. The truth is that I’m very still nervous these days. My best friends are men; I seem to have some problems to deeply relate to most women on a long term and therefore the sex with them is intense and scary enough to let myself go. No to long term relationships with women, but yes to sex. Then of course, you never know in life…

4 What’s your favourite part of your body and why?
I think I have nice boobs and legs. Definitely I love my hair. But all together I tend to love any  part of my body which receives a compliment by someone else. There’s no beauty without appreciation by someone else, but only narcissism and we all know how Narcissus ended.

5 I’d like to ask the same question for other women but I believe you’ve said it’s a whole. Is there nothing specific that attracts you to other women?
Diverseness in the look, I would say. And their smell. I’m very chemical about attraction and my nose sometimes counts more than my eyes in choosing my partners.

6 Italy is said to be a last bastion of women with full bushes. Which do you prefer and why?
A pubic full bush can be really hot, in my opinion. A full bush reaching legs and labias not really, for me. My husband likes it, but then he is Italian eheheh

8 You’ve said women are better at 69 than men. Which part of making love to another women do you like the most and is 69 your favourite position?
It is with women, yes. I find it the most natural way of giving and receiving sex between two women. I’m not a big fan of strap ons and 69 seems to be perfect also anatomically for women.

9 Which do you prefer vanilla or spicy sex when making love to another women?
Genuiness. Whatever the outcome is it is a very welcome one if it’s genuine.

10 What do you think of strap ons?
They are good for fictional use, especially to arouse boys and to let them buy into lesbian sex. During private sex I don’t use them though. If I’m with a woman I wanna have sex with a woman: fingers, sometimes a toy, but no strap on. A dick attached to a body? There are already men for that and they are excellent at it.

11 Had you seen a lot of Girlfriends Films Videos before you shot with them? Do you have any favourites?
Normally I don’t watch movies before a shoot, but just a few clips to better understand the company’ style in terms of angles, positions and attention to detail. I’ve watched a few scenes with Elexis Monroe in it after I met her at Venus in Berlin and before I shot for GFF because I sort of fell in love with her. Then I shot a scene with her and feeling her on top of me has been a blast which still lasts these days.

12 A lot of your work is unscripted. Do you like having to learn lines?
Yes I have no problems with learning lines and acting them; the problem comes when lines are clearly stupid and they make the sex look stupid too, in my opinion. If you don’t have a good writer, don’t write  

13 How did you meet Elexis Monroe?
As I said above, I met her at Venus in Berlin, last October. I was performing live by the HotMovies booth and I was introduced to GFF’s Dan who introduced me to Elexis who interviewed me for The Vault, I think. She cast a spell on me immediately.

13 What was it like sharing a scene with her?
Real. Of course I can talk only for me, but that’s exactly what sums it up the best. I was nervous like the first time and she took me into a vortex of genuine passion and let me forget that cameras and people were all around us and that we were shooting a scene. Elexis is one easy to fall in love with. An authentic playwoman, if I can use this term.

14 Did anything funny happen when you were on set with GFF?
There was a pair of boxing gloves at the location where we shot and Mellanie Monroe wore them and started to wrestle me and punch me on the bed right after our scene; then she went into the shower and asked me to reach her and because I was still cracking up from laughing I just tripped and fell in the attempt to reach her. Uhm…it was funny when happened, but now that I write of it i’m not sure lol

15 Can you tell us about your scene with Mellanie Monroe in Women Seeking Women 80?
Dan is really good at pairing the girls. Me and Mellanie got along well immediately. She is a riot and as funny as she is determined and luscious in bed. The scene was shot pretty much in one take and the giggling that you see is 100% real and genuine. So much that she will come to visit me in Europe this Summer
16 You’re shooting again shortly with GFF. What is it you like about working with them and would you like to start doing more girl girl?
Dan is probably the best person and the most old school business driven man I’ve ever met in this industry. A real good hearted gentleman who believes in hard work, in good values and most of all in respect. There is no such thing in porn valley like a GFF set and it’s unfortunate, I’d like to say. When you call them, they return your calls or your emails, with clear statements and professionally. They understand that your schedule and time are as important as theirs. A rare thing in the porn valley. I will do as much girl girl stuff as GFF will allow me to: this time I came only for shooting for them and I certainly am going to have more expenses than gains, economically, but because it’s with GFF it’s totally worth for me. Then ultimately the public will decide if I will shoot more girl girl stuff or not. All I can do is to give my best like I have always done.

17 What’s your favourite toy and why?
I have a dildo which I call “the red one” It’s nothing special per se, but it made me have so many orgasms, you know…

18 What are you favourite fetishes?
Lately I have a thing for outdoors. And having sex in changing rooms of clothing shops

19 You had sex with Raylene and a couple of other girls in a limo. Has this scene come out and what other girl girl scenes should we look out for?
I did. Raylene is a friend since then and she always hosts me when I am in town. About the scene in the limo, you should ask the people at Metro of when it will come out. If they answer you, let me know  I’ll be shooting 3 more scenes for GFF this week, one for sure with Mia God, and of course I don’t know when they will be released. The scene with Elexis Monroe should be released soon though, I think.

20  GFF inspired you to donate money from your work to charity. How is this going and what can people do to help?
I thought it was a brilliant idea to donate part of what we earn. We are privileged people who earn very good money for doing what we like the most; well…at least in my case  I have simply decided to donate all my winnings from contests to charities, adding also some from my pockets. At the end, winning a contest brings you more notoriety and therefore more money and donating the prize seems pretty fair to me. People can help voting for me: if I win, they will have contributed towards my donation. More info at and

Where can people find you on the net?  – My Twitter  – My website  – My production company – World Bukkake Tour
Oh…and for my app which sits 100% hidden on your android mobile phone

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