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Exclusive Interview with Sasha Sweet


1 Can you tell us a little about your background?
I grew up in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, But have also Lived in Colorado and Indiana. I come from a very strong artistic, and literary background.
2 Would you describe yourself as bisexual or pansexual and why?
Well I have always described myself as pansexual. Sexuality and Sexual preference to me is very fluid, and in my case always evolving. I don’t believe love or sexual attraction should ever be narrowed to gender specifics. I’m more attuned to personality  

3 Was your first experience with a woman on or off camera and what do you remember about it?
I had my first experience with a woman long before I ever did anything with a guy. I was around 13 or 12, And I had a girlfriend named Grace. We would have sleepover’s at her house and of course our parents thought we were just friends having girlish fun, But we would actually have sex! And make out for hours ?

4 What was the first porn you saw or read? What do you like to watch now and why?
The first porn that really made me look at it and think wow I would love to do that was  when I was snooping around in my grandmothers boyfriends desk and found a whole stack of Naughty Neighbors and Velvet magazines..I was like Wow this is so amazing. Before that it was Hentai which I still love.Now I mainly like Hentai, and I find myself reading erotica or concocting images in my mind than actually watching porn porn..I Have a livid/Vivid imagination!
5 How did you get into the porn industry?
It was something I had wanted to do for years, I finally became comfortable with my sexuality and had an acquaintance in the industry.I asked if I could meet her agent and then he signed me to his agency

6 How did you choose the name Sasha Sweet?
Truthfully,I don’t like that name at all I think it evokes to childish of an image! But alas, Sasha is the nickname for my real birth-name, and Sweet because I am a sweet person. So I thought it fitting at the time!

7 What do you remember about your first scene?
My first scene was for a project Cherry Ferretti was doing,It was fun and it was with people I knew,easygoing.

8 How did you meet Belladonna and what is it you like about working with her?

I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting her! Although I really am fond of her husband Adien, I want to meet her :). She has always been a favorite performer of mine,and I love her striking beauty,and gapped teeth (I have a gap too ? )

9 James Deen said that he had awesome sex with you. If you could choose 5 other male performers to give such a good time to who would they be and why?
Working with James was so much fun! I don’t like to play favorites,I think it’s wrong. But I will just say every human being brings different energy and feeling to them when you are having sex..It should always have something magical to it

10 You like giving BJ’s but what do you like best for men to do to you when you’re making love?

I It varies. I like my partners to be spontaneous, adventurous, and a bit dark and twisted.I really love good kissing, filthy dirty talking, and someone who LOVES to eat pussy…

11 You’ve said that having her pussy licked is the best way for a woman to have an orgasm. Which five female performers would you choose to do scenes with based on their oral skills?
I don’t pick favorites! I will say this though Kara Price made me cum really really good,she’s awesome,sexy and fun to fuck ?

12 You have at least one butt plug. What other sex toys do you have and which is your favourite? Do you always choose your purses to fit them?

Yes,I actually have a few buttplugs. I love toy’s I do like my Hitachi wand, But my favorite toy will always be my fingers,I know my body best.

13 You share with your friend Ela Darling a liking for fucking machines. Some performers have described the experience as painful. What do you like about them and have you tried Ela’s custom made one?
I actually don’t like fucking machines,What I love about sex/sexuality is the visceral,tactile human contact..And I find fucking machines are cold and robotic, and they hurt my pussy :(No I haven’t tried hers.

14 Which fetishes would you like to try and why?
I love fetishes. Lately I’ve been quite intrigued by animal play, Such as kitten play, pony play. It seem’s fun to me.Also I really do like to try most everything at least once.

15 You want to direct one day. Which directors in the industry inspire you and why?
I love the idea of directing, I have a very artistic and smutty mind,and I feel that my creative process would go far in the medium of pornography. Some directors that inspire me are Jay Sinn, his stuff is so pretty. I also am very fond of Nate Liquors gorgeous style of directing. I have so many ideas of my own thoguh that I pull from art, feelings, places that inspire me. Sex can and should be a process arousing all of the senes…

16 You’ve said that you look like Paz de la Heurta and that you love acting? She’s in Boardwalk Empire. Which TV series would you like to have a rôle in and why?
I do think I look Like Paz, we could pass as sisters. Yes I grew up acting and preforming, and have quite a natural drive for it. It inspires me and pushes me harder creativity which I adore. I don’t watch Television,So I could see myself in a film role more,Something moody..I love moodiness.

17 Are you still in college and what are you studying besides the male students?
No I’m not!But I’m always studying topics and things that interest me, I believe the meaning of life is to constantly learn, Everything in this world interests me,and I am never without a book or five in my purse!

18 What is it you like so much about Norway?

Haha,Well my favorite music in the whole world is from Norway. It’s a genre known as Black Metal, so that’s part of it. Also I have always been so entranced with the deep Fjords,and Alpine forests, and the mythology and ethos of the Nordic People and culture. I would love to run away there and spend a few months  in a secluded cabin in the woods, and truly find my inner self ala Henry David Thoreau.

19 When can we expect your website to be up?

Hopefully in the near future I’m building content for it all the time, So it is definitely in progress ? But it will be [email protected]

20 Where can people find you on the net?

On my twitter always, [email protected] And be sure to like my facebook fanpage Sasha Sweet, Kisses and Good vibes to you all <3

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