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Exclusive Interview with Smoking Mary Jane-“I am a pin-up comic”

 Smoking Mary Jane Interview by Jon Tribb

    Smoking Mary Jane has been on my list of people to interview for quite some time. She’s a stunning pin-up and fetish model. She’s also very funny as people who know her stand-up comedy routine would all agree. Try imagining for a moment Betty Paige playing an air guitar. Mary though is unique and if you want to find out why read the fascinating insights she shared in the interview that follows.

1  Can you tell us a little  about your background?

    I was born in northern California ,the Bay Area , and due to the military I lived in Germany the first 3 years then moved every 3 years in the States-Virginia ,Texas, Illinois ,Monterey CA and then back to Texas . I started as a makeup artist and did a successful audition for the TV series Silk Stockings but at the last minute they found out I wasn’t 18 and dropped me. It would have been a good regular role. I did a few swimsuit photo shoots at 17 in San Diego then took a brief trip home to Texas where I was a cocktail waitress at a strip club called the Baby Doll Saloon in Dallas.  I then went to Los Angeles where I got a job in cosmetics at Macys. At this time I found an ad for timepiece modeling and created a portfolio. The photographer was photographing then hand painting Vargas/ Evergren style pin ups. He loved shooting me and I read up on pin-up history and eventually discovered Betty Paige.  I was curious about her fetish work as I didn’t have a clue that this lifestyle existed and decided to explore it.
        An ad in a paper lead me to Taylor Wane. She shot a very mild Betty set that went in Taboo in June 1999. This was my first work to be published. I was also in Playboy’s Natural Girls. I was in the opening scene for Larceny starring Andy Dick , Joshua Leonard , and Tyra Banks .which didn’t come out till 2004 and The Center of the World that was directed by Wayne Wang , and released in 2001. I was given a  full page in Playboy’s Sex in Cinema (They thought I was Alicia Class but it was my pic.) Auditioning and seeking modeling work was deeply interlaced with the offer of being an escort -absolutely right for an 18/19 yr old clueless to show biz ! I refused and was so terrified by the thought of me becoming an escort that I decided to do more make-up school.
    I did a shoot for High Times mag and was honored as a pro-pot activist.The famous red bikini shot ran several times and I was considered a pot pin-up before it was trendy. After make-up school was  finished  I got the bright idea to answer modeling ads and send out my make-up artist resumé. A new internet content studio offered me to do make-up as well as some modeling. I had money problems like most 19 year olds do so I agreed to a solo shoot. I didn’t  really understanding what that meant. I knew about posing nude but I had never heard of toys. I demanded 3 times what they were offering and said book it within 3 days or no way and that’s were it all began. The first shoot was a little outside of L.A. and the photographer was super creepy. I got through it but wasn’t happy. The owner then called me with weeks of makeup work and said he was thrilled with the photos . I then did a girl /girl shoot that was sexy and exciting . The website loved me and I did several more young girl shoots .In the studio I got better at doing make-up , I learned styling sets, wardrobe, lighting and some photography. I also shot on VHS what I believe to be the first porn bloopers and behind the scenes footage . I saw first hand how agents worked in porn and occasionally went out for solo and girl/girl shoots. I enjoyed this booming biz and went to CES and then AVN in Vegas  with them. Running the business and selling and signing at a booth as well as shooting it was crazy .I stood firm on my decision to not do b/g or escort .By 2003  sex and greed mixed with booze was telling on the owner and I witnessed an untactful event with a new model ,an agent , the boss and a cop. I resigned as I was trying to hold some moral standing in my life decisions. I realized crime, the porn business and the law was a huge grey area and I did not want to have bad karma. I was friends with several porn stars and I got my first website but it was hijacked. It looked good and although I didn’t make any money it gave me the look of success and I was able to find a lot of work. I was the first girl to appear on the  Hustler website and was shot for Leg World by Richard Kern. This was his first cover and mine 

2  Why are Marilyn Monroe and Vivian Leigh your rôle models?
I admired their photos and films when I was young and identified with the rôles they played as survival tools when I was coming of age. If you act like a lady men must treat you as a lady. When I decided to become a model and an actress I was able to use a lot of what I’d learned about them as people and professionals.

3 What is it that inspired you with Betty Paige?
I identified with her as  being a good girl that did very racy modeling for her time as well as being so close to porn but maintaining rules of only going as far as she wanted. She did it as a job not a lifestyle and worked hard making her own swimsuits and other costumes. Betty made me want  to become a leg and bondage fetish model. Since 2000 I’ve worked for most of the damsel in distress style bondage companies. Harmony first then Anton were two who hired me regularly and I was very popular with them and there customers doing just what Betty did

4 How would you define a Vixen?
A vixen is a lovely sexy lady who is desired ,sometimes a tease or more, but inspiring to women and men with there fresh sexual style- an inspiration to enjoy sexuality with fashion and personality .

5 Who are your favorite fashion designers at the moment and why?

    I love Agent Provocateur but mostly copy vintage designs. I enjoy finding vintage or unique pieces. There were no pin-up fashion companies when I began so I had to find and alter garments to suit the projects and appearances I made. I am quite disappointed with the flood of new pin-up companies. They have beautiful things but aren’t quite perfect in my opinion.

6 If money was no object whose clothes would you buy and why?
 If money was unlimited I would hire a seamstress and design my own clothes. I’d also like to have almost everything from Agent Provocateur as well as loads of of full fashion nylons , my favorites ! 

7 How did you meet Richard Kern and Dave Naz and what is it you like about working with them?
Richard Kern saw photos from my Hustler casting and he picked me for his first cover for Leg World with Hustler. We shot numerous times and I was in a few of his books Model Release, Noir and Action . I also did make-up for Kern . He then recommended me as a make-up artist and model to Dave Naz around the time of his Panties book . I worked with Dave for  covers and layouts in  Leg World ,Leg Show, Cheeks and more. I continue to work with him here in LA.

8 Have you ever though of going on the road with a Burlesque show?
That would be fun. I have done some burlesque mostly striptease burlesque style on camera .I did briefly work at a bikini bar but I was not a good stripper as I was annoyed by the customers and was not OK with any touching. I always wore my pin-up style nylons and all but only enjoyed the on stage part of this gig . I then made appearances in a few burlesque shows in 2003.  I was the hostess of High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam .I did a burlesque number there for which I designed a mint green hemp silk Chanel style suit. It was around this time I performed in Betty Paige style as a magician’s assistant on all three stages at the Magic Castle for almost a year. I then did  a Halloween carnival month long show with fetish to burlesque undertones . I did a rope trick and some card tricks.

9 What makes an excellent leg and foot model?
Genetics is the most important thing. You need high arches, long shapely legs and flexible toes as well as the ability to walk in extremely high stilettos. You must love  nylons or pantyhose and be able to portray a unique sexuality for those who desire the romance of a lovely leg with pointed toes or hidden in strict stilettos. 
    This was a fetish I did not understand when I first started modeling. I shot with many “hobby” photographers for shoe/nylon catalogs. The pay was standard but it was always treated as a professional fashion shoot with never any funny business. It was only later that I realized they had a lot to do with foot and leg fetish . I did though enjoy these shoots as the photographers were so thrilled to work with me and very generous. I had no idea it was a sexual or fetish appeal to them

10 Which came first fetish in your real life or fetish on camera?
On camera . I am a artist and do not mix business and pleasure.  I work a lot so am too busy to trouble myself with anything but work

11 Which are the bondage comics that have most inspired you and why?
 I do love Sweet Gwendolyn by John Willie . The characters in his stories are so well defined. I also love reading early Wonder Woman and Lois Lane . Bill Ward  and Eric Stanton’s vixens are both very well drawn and have beautiful figures. This is a hard question as I have a large collection that are all excellent for fetish and time piece inspiration

12 What attracted you and what do you think entices the viewer with the smoking fetish?
I love the elegant classic movies where you see smoke swirling about a female star’s face with their red or deep lips . I smoke so it’s natural for me. I also like experimenting with pot smoke. It’s cool as it’s thicker and lingers longer in the frame. This fetish  seemed to become more popular with smoking going out of fashion and laws passed to prohibit it at bars/cafes . Watching a beautiful person calmly enjoying a smoke is mesmerizing and you can enjoy imagining their thoughts and feelings as they smoke 

13 What do you remember about your scene in Girlfriends Films Dressing Room Lingerie 2? They have a series now called Pin Up Girls which would be perfect for you. Would you like to work with them again?
 I loved the authentic vintage lingerie and enjoyed the quality and artistic flare of the production I have several fun memories of shooting with them Yes it would be a pleasure .

14 What was it like working with Eon McKai and the other performers in The Bad Luck Betties?
I loved working with vivid alt. They were the best.  I did make_up on a lot off their films and and it was great to appear in  Bad Luck Betties …

15 What did you like about working with Taylor Wane?
 I love Taylor Wane. She is very smart and sexy and dynamite to perform with. I was lucky to meet and work with her at start of my adult career. She is straight up and honest and gives awesome advice and is so beautiful inside and out. I so adore her and love making regular appearances with her at events and her radio show on Playboy. I am proud she loves me too.

16 What do you like about working with Natalie Demour and Anastasia Pierce?
These two ladies work hard and love it.  Their fetish is extreme and a real passion for them both. They deliver what the fans of fetish want and are both super sweet and a joy to work with.

17 What for you as a performer are the main advantages of Clips4Sale?
 I originally used clips4sale for stuff I’d shot . I was on set just hanging out smoking or playing dress up. I did some vignettes but what sold the best especially as the recession hit the industry were voyeur scenes of me showering and dressing. This helped me stop worrying about how few shoots I had compared to just a few years before.  I’m not proud of the fact that I was never able to have my own website.  After the last failed attempt that involved a year’s work I just put all the content I was saving for my website up and fans loved it .

18 Can you tell us about your role in Noirland?
I’m a fantasy or dream  vixen from the 1940’s that haunts a serial killer/detective, I might be a little off as I’ve not seen the finished film but it was a good to be a part of it and I am looking forward to seeing it soon.

19 You’re also a stand-up comedian. Can you tell us something about this?
When I began in 2003 I wanted a fresh start with a new name and no glamor . I was though encouraged to continue my pin-up persona into comedy. I am in a variety show called The Ding Dong Show. The longest running show at The World Famous Comedy store on Sunset Blvd. It’s  been a good experience and I have developed as a comedian for almost 10 yrs now. I became a producer on the show a few years back. A  movie “Windy City Heat” was completed before I arrived but now there’s a podcast that serves as a continuation of the movie , .I am a regular and I play different rôles , producer photographer etc. I’m hoping for a big tour at some point soon where I would perform a burlesque inspired comedy with an occasional puppet show or singing as well as my stand-up comedy act. I can be seen every Monday 10pm in the Belly Room for The Ding Dong Show and in the main room June 25th with a big3/ding dong show live pod cast (pre-order tickets)

20 How would you describe your style as a stand-up comedian?
 I am a pin-up comic. Imagine what a Betty or a Vargas girl or a vixen from the glossies come to life  would say. I don’t go vulgar to just shock audiences with potty mouth. I’m not always a clean comic as I enjoy playing a sarcastic ditzy. I have described my character as one created from what men want to believe in reference to fetish scripts and experiencing a lot of custom fetish clips where a fan writes the  script .

    I have fun and the crowds love the baby doll style , I try to take real life politics or news and deliver it through Mary Jane’s eyes. Some days I regret taking this path and wonder how nice it would have been to focus  more on travel and developing my career as a fetish model. It seems that as soon as I really got everyone’s attention as a model instead of monopolizing it I decided to start from scratch in comedy and keep fetish modeling as a side gig
Where can people find you on the net?  is my blog I show samples of updates on store 7960

For my wish list and what’s new in my world you can follow me on twitter @sexymaryjanefan for my sexy  updates and @smokingmaryjane for my stand-up work. On Facebook there’s Mary Jane Green for my stand-up work. You can see a pic of me & my kitty in Snow White costumes. On the sexy one I’m in red vintage lingerie. Please follow both if you like but there are no sexy pics of me allowed on the stand-up comedy  page.

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