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Exclusive Interview with Sunny Lane on “Alice” plus Pics

SUNNY LANE Interview

by Jon


1. Did you read or see the Disney version of Alice when you were a child ?
Absolutely.  Alice is one of those Disney characters that everybody just loves. I always wanted to be Alice to step into that fantasy world.  I was lucky to step into it as an adult so I could combine my
fantasies with her fantasies.

2. Could you ever have imagined a second porno remake and that you would have the lead role?
The 70’s version of “Alice” was awesome for the 70s and it did very well.  This version is perfect for 2010 and Erica McLean created this whole new urban fantasy world for me to play in.  I think everybody  dreams of living in that kind of world so, yes I could have imagined myself in the lead role.  Maybe that’s why it happened.  I dreamt it.

3. Why do you think you were chosen to play Alice?
Because I’m perfect for the part.  I went to the Venus Berlin Germany show last year with Hot Movies and that’s where I met Erica McLean. Our first encounter was wonderful.  She just flew in the night before. The next morning I was in the lobby with my straight blonde hair and she ran up to me and said, “You’re my Alice”.  I said, “Whatever you want me to do, I’m yours.”

4. Can you tell us something about the plot of the film?
It’s a girl next door, curious, ready to explore the world, follows a dark haired white rabbit to a hole.  The smell of sex comes through the hole.  I jump into the hole and come to an urban world of wildness
to explore.

5. What was it like being directed by Erica McLean?
What a wonderful experience.  She knows how to bring fantasy to life. She brings out sexual artistic expression with every character.  She inspires me as a director and more importantly as  a person.

6. This film is said to showcase your acting abilities would you agree?
Absolutely.  It’s all about me.  It was fun and exciting and challenging.  I had to create my own version of “Alice” who had to be more than the girl next door, she had to be super sexual too, but that’s who I am so I welcomed the challenge because there’s acting in the dialogue but there’s also acting in the sex, too.  I had to have sex in character with 3 different partners in this film and if you think about your personal life sexually you’re different with everyone you sleep with.  Like I said there’s acting in the sex too.  That’s why I love my job.

7. Kimberly Kane plays your sister what was it like working with her?

Kimberly and I have known each other for a long time.  She’s a great actor and performer too.  I’m just hoping in our next project we get to “get it on”.  It wasn’t going to happen in this one considering she
was playing the role of my sister.  Wait, maybe I was adopted… Erica is it too late for a rewrite?

8. What’s it like having sex with a Cheshire Cat, a Mad Hatter and a Caterpillar ? Did I leave anyone or anything out?
I had the hottest scenes with the hottest characters starting off with the Caterpillar, Otto Bauer.  We had sex in a little red chair and had to stay there.  It challenged us to stay sexy, creative and hot.
Thankfully I’m pretty flexible so I was able to twist and turn into a bunch of new positions.  Enjoy that one!

Next was the Cheshire Cat, Mikey Budders and that was in an alleyway behind a bus station.  We had a lookout so we wouldn’t get busted but I was a little loud at times. If anyone showed up because of the noise I never saw them.  Maybe they stopped to watch.  It was pretty hot.

The Mad Hatter… that was the hot Evan Stone.  We went into the woods to a burnt out tree.  He fucked me here.  He fucked me there.  Deers ran by and stopped to watch us have wild sex in the woods.  Then Erica says we need the pop shot in the sun on my golden angelic face so we
had to chase the light up the mountain to the golden pop shot.

9. Was it difficult doing the outdoors sex scenes?
I loved being outdoors.  I was conceived in the woods.  I love being with mother nature.  Hear me roar.

10. If you had made Alice what title would you have chosen?
Alice Cums in Wonderland.

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