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Exclusive Interview with Taylor Stevens- “My boobs were so big, when I was bigger”

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Interview by Cindi Loftus
Photos by VTPhotography &

The first thing you’ll notice about Taylor Stevens, (okay, the second thing), is how warm and loveable she is. She is also beautiful and smart and funny and caring, she is the complete package. You can’t help but fall in love with her. And most of you will also fall in lust! Taylor loves sports, loves people, and really loves her fans. She is an amazing performer, entertainer, and writer.  Taylor Stevens is the kind of girl everyone wants to have as a friend, and I consider myself lucky she is a friend of mine.

The first thing I want to talk to you about is your international news fame that just happened recently.
It’s been crazy. It’s worldwide and I love it because it’s been so much fun. I was trending and I didn’t even know.
That’s definitely something you can cross off your bucket list, to trend on twitter.
Yeah. I wondered how you would get to trend on twitter. Guess I just needed to go to a hockey game. (Laughs)
You just needed to show your boobs off behind the bench at a hockey game. I know nothing about sports and I know you are a huge sports fanatic so I am going to have you explain all this to me. So you were at the finals for the hockey championship.
Yes, the Stanley Cup Finals. It’s huge, HUGE! It’s the Superbowl of Hockey. There are eight teams that make it and they play best out of seven. This was game four that I went to…
So in game four, who was playing?
L.A. Kings and the New Jersey Devils.
And you obviously like the L.A. Kings.
Yeah, I was rooting for the Kings but I ended up sitting behind the Devil’s bench. So I figured, good, I’ll distract them. But it was just a joke. I didn’t expect it to become a big distraction for real.
So it was perfect that the Devil’s coach was looking up at your boobs and he was distracted from telling his team what to do.
And I didn’t even know until after when I saw the clip. It was just a glance, but the news made it into a national event. It was just crazy.
I think it’s fabulous. So did L.A. win game four?
They didn’t win that game. So I didn’t do a good job of distracting New Jersey.
So you got to go to game four because a friend or a fan bought you the ticket.
Yes. A fan who is a friend. He has been with me since I first started. He was my first ever member. He got me tickets to game four and game six.
What a sweetheart. So after game four, did you go to game five?
No because it was in New Jersey.
Okay so then you went to game six. Did you sit in the same spot?
Yes, exact same seats.
So by then the guys are looking for you to be there.
Yes. That is the whole funny part about it.
And at the sixth game, L.A. won, which means they won the Stanley Cup, because you distracted the other team.
If I say that it would take away from how good of a team they are, you know what I mean?
Well then you won’t say it, I’ll say it. Taylor Stevens is responsible for the L.A. Kings winning the Stanley Cup because she used her boobs as a distraction on the other team!

I know besides sports, you also love sports betting.
I do. I know the lines on the games. I try to bet properly and not go overboard, but sometimes I do parlay bets and when I end up winning it’s really cool.
So you are going to get rich on betting and retire to become a professional gambler.
No, (Laughs) I don’t think so. I do play poker though, so who knows.
Lots of famous people become professional poker players.
If you are really good and you have time to devote to it, it’s awesome.
And you can use your distraction techniques there too!
I think I already do when it comes to poker.
You don’t have to put on your game face. It’s not your face they are looking at.

You are often called a porn star. In a lot of the news stories about you being at the Stanley Cup you were called a porn star. But you don’t really do sex scenes on film, so do you consider yourself a pornstar?
Pornstar is a huge title for somebody that doesn’t do as much porn as the girls that do girl/girl and boy/girl. It is a huge title. They deserve that title a lot more than I do. But I do solo porn, I guess. So if you want to call me a porn star, that’s fine. I do solo masturbation scenes on cam, so that is solo porn.
What do you call your occupation? A pornstar? A camgirl? A webmistress?
I think of myself first as a business woman. But when it comes down to when someone asks me I say I am an adult model and a webcam model as well.  But my first thing is an adult model, but some people might say “what is that?” Then I say I pose nude.
You do feel like you are part of the adult industry.
I feel like we are one big family. We just bring different dishes to the table, that’s how I look at it. We are bringing different tastes, or different fetishes.

You are a webcam girl. That’s another thing you have to explain to me, how it works when you attend a webcam session.  You tell your fans to come and get their free screen name. Some day I am going to have to come and get my free screen name because I don’t have any idea how it works. I have a credit card, I’ll get a free name. What else do I have to do? How does someone who thinks you are gorgeous and hot come to your cam show?
I have which is the camming site. You get your free screen name and you come in and they are able to interact with me just by clicking on my profile. They come in the room and hang out and talk. I have the best fans, honestly Cindi, there are days that I don’t even get naked on camera. We just sit and talk. We talk shit, we talk sports. And of course if I do a show I get up and I’m bouncy and show my boobs and I do masturbating on cam too. But it’s well-rounded. I get to do everything I want on cam and I get to be the real me on cam. I get to be the same silly goofy person, I am in person, behind the camera too.
You should call it the Taylor Stevens show.
It kind of is. When I went on TSN recently they said they should rename it the Taylor Stevens Network, instead of The Sports Network.
They should! So when I go in the cam room, I buy points or something?
On my site it’s a per minute rate, or if I do a free fan club show then it is free for all people that get their free screen name or are members of my fan club.

Do you have a membership site too?
No, I have a fan club. But my site is going to become my membership site.
Do you know when it will become a membership site?
There is so much work involved behind the scenes with the video editing and photo editing and getting it designed, but I am definitely aiming for my birthday which is September 20th.
So you are going to be twenty…..
You look younger than that. I notice you don’t have much of an accent, I expected you to have a lot, seeing as you are from Canada. I noticed you said AD-ult, instead of a-DULT.
We say zed for the letter Z. And we say Eh, a lot. I say, eh, a lot.
You haven’t said eh yet in this interview. (Laughs) I like Spanish accents on girls.
Me too. I’m Arabic and Arabic can sound sexy too.
I’d ask you to say something in Arabic, but I wouldn’t know how to spell it for the interview. If I was going to guess I would say you look Greek.
I get that, Greek, Italian and Jewish so often.
Is your hair really blonde?
No I am naturally a dark brunette, but since I can remember I’ve dyed my hair blonde.

I wanted to mention that I love your blog. I don’t read a lot of other sites because I have so much work just doing my own. But you are a talented writer. You are funny and honest. The blogs and videos you posted about your cancer made me cry.
That is a huge compliment coming from you. It’s amazing to hear that from you. You are a writer. You do this everyday. I put up the good stuff and I put up the bad shit too. If you say something rude I am going to put it up there. I’m just going to respond to it in my own way. I have thick skin.
It does get that way, doesn’t it? I love your question and answer posts too. You are very honest in your responses.
Guys say I have a big nose. That’s my Dad’s nose. He passed away when I was six. I don’t care what anyone says, that’s part of my Dad, so I’ll never change it. I say to people, I have a big nose, but I also have a big heart, and big boobs as well, so I am well proportioned. And I have bigger battles to fight right now, then those kind of comments. When I was bigger, they called me fat. When I lost weight they called me too thin.
There will always be haters.
Yep. I just kill ‘em with kindness.

You do! I don’t know how anyone could not like you. You are the perfect package. Brains, beauty and a big warm heart. I bet a lot of my readers don’t know that you used to be a BBW (Big Beautiful Women) (You can still find pictures and clips of Taylor when she was bigger if you google Taylor Stevens, BBW) You looked gorgeous both ways, thick and thin.
Thank you! I am very supportive of BBW’s because that is where I got my start.
Both ways you also have huge boobs!
I do. I have always been a bigger girl. My boobs were so big, when I was bigger.
You’re boobs are still so big!
(Laughs) True.
Here is a little bit of Taylor’s latest Q & A Blog post on
Posted on July 4, 2012

Hey everyone!  Happy 4th of July its great to be in the USA during this time.. bbq, fireworks, friends and fun. I had my Mom stop by today she was visiting from Toronto so that was super fun. I love entertaining as you all know lol. I’ve been a super busy bee lately but wanted to make time to answer some of your questions. I’m super excited about the amazing things that you are in store for. Shh a girl can’t give all her secrets away…
I also will be LIVE at Exxxotica Chicago and I cannot wait to go. I love that city so so much. I have been having so much fun with this Stanley Cup frenzy, your love and your support means so much to me. I’m so glad that I have the best fans in the world. As you also know Pinupfiles released a BRAND new set of me for Fourth of July so grab your free screenname here because I will be uploading them to for you  woot woot! I will also be on cam a lot more often  I know its super busy and its hard trying to get online all the time but I will be live on cam so make sure you get to asap  hehe.
Ok so here are some questions, comments, etc.
1. What’s the best thing about being in the industry your in ?
Well it is 4th of July so this is fitting. I’m able to have the freedom to build my business, my brand, the way I want to. I’m able to be me all the time I don’t have to pretend. I get to live my life everyday the way I choose and I get to be on cam and have a great time with my fans. I get to put smiles on people’s faces and that means everything to me. I also get to know so many amazing people. I’m very lucky. I don’t take anything or anyone for granted.
2. You seem so bubbly and so positive all the time doesn’t it get annoying ? Are you ever just mean ?
Lol, I’m human is what I am. I have bad days. I’m never intentionally mean. I HATE hurting other people’s feelings. I will go out of my way to make someone else feel better even if it means my feelings get hurt. People have been really mean to me at times so I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I have to stay positive and I like to radiate that and give that energy to the good people around me. I stay this way cause my dad would want me to. It’s never annoying to be me. I am just that person. I have a good heart. I’m kind and I want the best for people.  I’m never gonna change, that’s my heart and my soul. I’m middle eastern I have a temper lol sometimes it comes out but only to people that really piss me off lol.
3. Do you have a message to your ex-boyfriends ? I mean they must be jealous as hell right now.
LOL.. yeah stop stalking me! No really though I want the best for them. I’m single now because I want to be. Just cause we didn’t work out doesn’t mean that I don’t want them to be happy. Even if they were big pricky douchebags at times lol. They are the past for a reason and its just not meant to be. Message to them : “keep doing you because I’m gonna keep doing me”.
4. Fuck you Taylor.
Okie dokie thank you for that intelligent comment it must have taken you days to come up with that. I guess fuck you right back ? What exactly were you looking for in my answer today ? LOL
5. What would be the sound track to your life (I saw you tweet something yesterday)
Perfect time to answer this question. I always had a hard time picking one song to determine that, but the other night I heard Beyonce’s song – I WAS HERE. That song is amazing. I love it, it brought tears to my eyes and I would definitely say that is my song.
6. Will you ever go back to being a bbw ?
Short answer. No. However, I support that community and industry with all my heart and always will.
Do they have a rating system for webcam girls? You must be one of the top ten webcam girls in the world.
I definitely feel that I’m known. Since I have been doing this for the last ten years, I give the best of me all the time. I give a quality show and my members know it and it keeps them coming back. I’ve gained notoriety all over the place and I do think I reach a lot of people. I do think that when it comes to webcamming, my name will come up.
?You are too nice. You don’t even pump yourself.
(Laughs) I don’t know…
How about, Yes I am one of the top ten cam girls in the world, thank you!
I don’t want to take away… I don’t know.
Did you win something big at Freeones?
Yes, the first time that they had the award show I got number one webcam girl. I think AVN should have a webcam category also.
You are right. There are so many people doing webcam these days, and so many webcam companies.

I agree. You have lots of good friends in the industry. I noticed that you are with Sophie Dee a lot.
Sophie and I have become unbelievably close. She is such a good person. I am really glad we’ve gotten to know each other as friends. She is always there for me and has such a good heart.
She is a real sweetie. How did you two first meet?
We met at a convention. I think we met through Kelly Devine.
Kelly is a fun person too. So when this issue comes out you will be at Exxxotica in Chicago. What else do you have going on?
Well I am working on my website, big things are going to happen with that. And I’m just going to keep doing what I do best.
Which is be my bouncy girl!
I know you have a message for your fans.
I love them. Thank you for everything. Thank you for your never-ending support through everything. There is so much I can say. I could talk forever about my fans. I really do have the best fans in the world. They really do care about me. And I care about them. I want them to be smiling and they want me to be smiling. I’ll only be smiling if they’re smiling. I just want them to be happy and that makes me happy. So thank you for keeping me happy, and allowing me to make them happy.
Tay, you make everybody happy.

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