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Exclusive Interview with the Gorgeous Jesse Jane

She laughs easily and often. She’s tiny and adorable. She’s smart, funny, sexy and upbeat. She’s the same bundle of energy on and off camera. And by the way, she’s the most popular working porn starlet in the world. She’s Digital Playground’s Jesse Jane!

Interview By Cindi Loftus
 Photos Courtesy of Digital Playground 
©2010Xcitement Magazine

Xcitement: Hi Jesse. What are you doing?
Jesse: I’m just doing my walk, 1.1 miles around my neighborhood. So I always walk that with my best friend.

X: Well that’s nice that you get to relax at home once in a while.
J: Yeah for the two days that I’m home.

X: Seems like you are never home. I don’t know how you do it. You are on the road all the time.
J: I know, but that’s whatcha gotta do. It’s fun don’t get me wrong. I love it. I get to see the world and experience it.

X: You must be jet-lagged all the time.
J: Sometimes that is hard especially when you go overseas. Because it goes anywhere from seven to fifteen hours ahead, and you’re a little slow when you get there because your body clock can never get right. I am always like, what time is it?

X: What day is it?
J: I do that too. You travel for a day and you come back and it’s the same day. I’ll say it’s Tuesday and they’ll say it’s Monday, and I’ll say it can’t be, I left on Monday. It can’t still be Monday.

X: It’s nice when you can do that and actually gain time.
J: Then I have to sleep on the plane, because when I get in I have to go to the hotel room, shower and then go sign.

X: You have major energy. I don’t know where you get it all.
J: I have lots of that.

X: You do. You are little miss bubbly. You are so adorable and fun and up and seem so happy all the time.
J: I am usually. It takes really a lot to make me mad, but some people try.

X: Are there two Jesses? The one that we see on camera and on TV and at conventions, and then one that is home and quieter and calmer?
J: Oh no. (laughs) I am not quiet or calm even when I am home. I am always okay, lets go go go go go, I wanna do this, let’s go do this. I definitely don’t slow down.

X: Well you are lucky. Where do you get all that energy from?
J: I have no clue.

X: Do you drink lots of coffee, or coke?
J: No I drink none of that. I only drink water or orange juice. Or occasionally when I get to go out with my girls I drink alcohol. But I don’t drink soda and I hate coffee.

X: What is your cocktail of choice?
J: I like Patron.

X: That’s a killer hangover.
J: That’s the awesomest thing, I never get hung-over, ever. I can drink anybody under the table, and when I drink a lot where I should be hung-over, I’m not. I still wake up at seven, seven-thirty. Call my best friend and I’m ready to walk.

X: You must have great genetics.
J: Ya think? (laughs)

X: Is everyone in your family as good looking as you?
J: Well my Mom is really small and cute. My Dad is good looking for a guy I guess, I don’t know.

X: I got to watch your big movie for the year Body Heat, and you guys are going to win awards.
J: Did you like it?

X: Yes I did. Did you like doing it?
J: It was really fun, especially the girl orgy because I fucking hung upside down on the fire truck eating a girl out and banging another girl while balancing myself, because I had nothing to balance on. It was just fun, ready set go. In fact they cut our scene early and I was like wait, no, I’m just getting started. It was fun to play a fire fighter. Except I am so short the boots were over past my knees. My pants were too big, so they had to bunch up them up. So it looks like I have a bag of leaves in the back of my pants and I run funny. I look like I’m waddling when I am trying to run.

X: We didn’t notice that at all. Was it cool to get to ride in a real fire truck? Or was it faked like CGI.
J: We had real ambulances and real fire trucks and I was really in the jumper seat in the back. We got to ride all around down town L.A. during the day, and then really, really late at night. All the people downtown thought we were real fire fighters.

X: So they all were pulling over for you and then you lean out and wave and all of the guys are like, wait a minute that’s Jesse Jane!
 J: Wanna know what was so funny? We were downtown shooting. There was a Pink Berry and Riley and I are obsessed with frozen yogurt, so when we got a break we were wearing our blue uniforms and we walked down to get some yogurt. As we are walking, they were setting up for the L.A. marathon, and everybody is asking us where is the ending point. And we are trying to figure out why everyone is asking us, do we look like we are running the marathon or something? And then we realized it was because of our shirts. People thought we were firefighters, because what we were wearing was actual uniforms.

X: I guess there are lots of tiny gorgeous girls in uniforms in charge of the marathon, right?
J: Only in L.A. (laughs)

X: Do you watch your own movies? Did you see Body Heat?
J: You know I did watch Body Heat. I normally don’t watch my movies but on the big movies they play it for us to watch. So we were on set shooting this HUGE movie that will be even bigger than Body Heat, but I can’t tell you what it is yet. So we had a lot of down time because it was a sixteen day shoot. So we watched Body Heat and it was really good. But I was still mad because I was the pale one. They told me not to tan, but everybody else tanned anyway. So I was the really white girl.

X: Oh, I didn’t even notice. You looked gorgeous.
J: Thank you, but I did. I was like ugh, why did everybody else get a tan but me, that’s not fair. But this movie that I can’t tell you about, I’ve seen some of it and it’s got CGI and it’s crazy. No other company has ever thought to shoot this movie or anything like it. It’s not been done before. People are going to love it. It’s probably coming out in February, and the trailer will be out for the AVN show. So it will be up for the awards next year, and I’m telling you, it’s going to win! Woooo! It’s going to be awesome. Nobody is going to believe what we did.

X: I can’t wait to see it! So who is your favorite Digital Playground girl?
J: Riley Steele, by far.

X: I am so glad you said that, I thought you were going to play politics and say I love them all.
J: Hell no, I mean don’t get me wrong, I like ‘em. But Riley is my favorite by far. We hang after set, when I am in L.A., we are the best tag team partners. We like the same things so we get in trouble together. And we have a good time together.

X: She is gorgeous.
J: Oh my god, she is in person too, she is like a life size Barbie.

X: She’s funny too. I love how she played the dumb blonde in Body Heat.
J: She gets so upset about that too because she is always playing the dumb blonde. But I am like honey, it’s not like they are trying to call you stupid, you do the stupid things so good.

X: They better cast her as a scientist pretty soon or she is going to get pissed.
J: I know. She said, “Why do I always have to play the dumb girl. I am not dumb!” It was so funny.

X: Who are your other favorite people to work with? If you can pick your cast who is it?
J: I love Manuel Ferrara and Scott Nails.

X: All of your contract girls that I’ve interviewed love those two people.
J: Well that is who we always book, who we always work with. We work with Manuel, Scott, Erik Everhard, Mick Blue and Tommy Gunn, and I love all those guys. But I really love Manuel, and Manuel and Riley and I are really awesome. I’m just sayin’

X: I know about all those wild times off camera.
J: Oh god! I try to keep those secret. But the camera always finds the way. Oops. (Laughs)

X: Somebody was telling me about sex on the plane during Fly Girls that wasn’t even in the film.
J: (Cracks up) I know. Oh, yeah, there was quite a few of us and there was nothing else to do. We’d never done a big orgy on a plane, so I said let’s just do it!

X: I also heard that someone was mad because they didn’t get it on camera as a bonus scene.
J: Yeah, that camera found us right as we were finishing. They were like god damn it. We could’ve been there getting this on camera and we missed it. And a few of us were like thank god you did.

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