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Exclusive Kirsten Price Interview-PT 1- Kaylani is my best bud

Interview by Cindi Loftus
Photos Courtesy of Wicked Pictures

Story courtesy of & Xcitement Mag

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Soon after her debut in adult movies in 2005, Kirsten Price was signed as a Wicked Picture’s contract girl. Now with a ton of hot scenes “under her belt” and too many award nominations to mention, she has made her way into the mainstream arena. Appearing on Fox Reality’s “My Bare Lady” saw her proving her acting skills in a London production of “Romeo And Juliet.” She has hosted pod-casts for rock legends Poison and made guest appearances on Showtime’s “Weeds.”  Kirsten just got cast in a big mainstream movie, although we can’t yet give any details. She is also an accomplished and over the top, “no holes barred” interviewer. She’s worked for Playboy and Showtime as their red carpet reporter and loves the job. As a matter of fact, I asked her to do part of her own interview, and she did an excellent job. In fact, she’s much more interesting then I am and a hell of a lot funnier. Thanks Kirsten.

X: Hi Kirsten. We’ll start at the beginning. Born and raised where?
K: I was born in Providence, Rhode Island, but I was raised in Massachusetts.
X: How come you don’t talk funny?
K: I don’t know. My mother and my sisters don’t have an accent. But my grandmother and my father have really strong accents.
X: You don’t like, have a California valley girl accent either, ya know?
K: Yeah, totally! I’m driving on Hollywood Boulevard right now and I’m stopped because people are shooting a movie. There is a big crowd outside. It’s cool.
X: What is the best thing about being a Wicked contract girl?
Kirsten: We have the best stars and the best boss and the best movies!
X: I really do like Wicked movies.
K: That’s all I watch. I bring them home to my guy and he is a really big fan of Mikayla. He thinks she’s so hot. She’s gorgeous, and she is so sweet. Wicked has super nice girls and we all have our moments, but for the most part we are all super close. And I love that. As a matter of fact me and Alektra are shooting a movie together tomorrow.
X: Have you done scenes with her before?
K: Yeah. We did a promo for House of Wicked.
X: Do you dare say who is your favorite Wicked girl to work with?

K: Yeah I can definitely say that. It’s Kaylani Lei. She is my best friend. I am going to pick her up in a few minutes. When I moved back to the west coast I stayed with her for a few months. Now we live right up the street from each other. We are best buds. We work really well together. We have great on screen chemistry. We make everybody that we work with laugh. So it’s always fun to have both of us on set. We just did a movie for Francois called The Stranger and he just let us go and do what we want as far as ad-libbing and stuff. We just went on a little tear and it was hilarious, and he loved it. That’s why I like working with her. Plus our sex scenes are super hot.
X: So tell me about all the off camera sex you have with her.
K: We really don’t have a lot of off camera sex.
X: Oh, I knew you were going to say that.
K: I don’t want to get anyone in trouble! (laughs) We have definitely messed around and stuff. When we get drunk we get into trouble. We’ve had our little fun, our girl time. We are really good friends. We play around and make out and stuff, but we don’t get down with each other. But if there is a hot boy that we both like we would definitely tag team him.
X: I bet I could get you a whole bunch of volunteers.
K: That would be fun.

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