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Exclusive LIB Thailand Insider Report on Carradine- no wig, no suicide

NL-This is an opinion/editorial piece from a reader who lives in Thailand written just for LIB.  TY DWB, really good information.

I live in Thailand and can tell you first hand David Carradine was not wearing a wig or fish net stockings. What you saw were CENSORED photos by the Thai press. They blackened out his head and blurred his lower body. Very common here. The uncensored photo is also floating about here. If I come across it again, I will scan it and send it to you.
However, Thai news TV is reporting that he was only hanging by his hands and not his neck, per the early reports from the police, who to me sound like they were trying to cover up a murder. No surprise. Crooked cops run this country and cover up murders all the time. It’s saves the country a black eye and makes their investigation a lot easier. Not too long ago the Thai police found a headless man who they believed to be a foreigner. They also ruled his death a suicide. To them, it must be perfectly normal to kill yourself and somehow be able to dispose of your head in the process. We also have an unbelievable amount of foreign men who strip themselves of all their clothes and jump from the highest building they can find. All ruled suicides, in the same bizarre fashion. Foreigners living here just say, “This Is Thailand” or “TIT” to such absurdities, as it is a way of daily life.
Rumors here are that he was murdered. Though, don’t you find it odd that he was staying in a luxury 5 star hotel and not a single CCTV cam picked up anyone going into or coming out of his room? TIT!

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