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Exclusive Lisa Ann Interview- Part 1 of 3


Saying Lisa Ann is a work-a-holic is an understatement. She is the hardest working person in porn. Lisa stars in porn movies, makes personal appearances, is on a book store tour, feature dances and runs her own talent agency. But she loves her work, and she loves sex! Lisa is famous for many things, including impersonating Ex Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Lisa has parodied Palin in four top selling Hustler movies. She had also appeared in Eminem’s latest hit music video  “We Made You”, as a sexy Palin look a like. The song is addicting and so is Lisa Ann. Check out the movies and the video. Read on for our conversation.


Xcitement: Boy you are busy! I am glad I finally got to speak to you. You really work hard, and you are so popular!
Lisa Ann: Thank you. It’s been fun though. I am glad to have this much work at this place in my life.
X:I don’t know how you keep up with it. So you are in Seattle right now?
L: Yes. I am doing a bookstore tour for Castle Mega Stores. Seattle today, Springfield, Oregon tomorrow
X: What do you do on the tour?  L: I do signings and do pictures. They actually built me a podium because I am coming as Palin for the book tour.


X: That’s so funny. Who was the first one that said you looked like her?
L: Most of my own friends have told me. I was on set shooting my interactive for Zero Tolerance, and Drew from Hustler hit me up and said we really want to do this Palin movie. We have this great title Who’s Nailin Palin. I was like, oh that is so awesome. And then the next day he called again and said it has already leaked out in the Globe, somebody said something to somebody so now we are definitely going to do it. I was on my way to go to the IVD show in New Jersey and they said TMZ wants to talk to you. And I am a huge TMZ fan. So I was like, oh my god, this is so awesome. So I came back from the show ordered all my suits online. I altered them all myself while I was at the office working. Because I knew if I took them to a tailor, what if they weren’t done in time? What am I going to do then? I had three days until we were going to shoot. Luckily I can sew. So I ironed all the suits at my house and pinned it all up and then brought it to the office and just sat there sewing and sewing while I was working the phones at the agency. It was totally awesome.


X: Well Palin is a really pretty lady to start with, but when you put on the suit and the glasses, you really do look like her.
L: I know it’s bizarre isn’t it?


X: It’s scary and you say “ You Betcha” pretty well too. So far I saw the first movie “Nailin’ Palin” and I loved the sex scene with the Russians.
L: Everybody loves that opening scene. It’s phenomenal isn’t it?


X: It is and there are so many innuendos, and things that she does that you do. It was really good. And the next one is about Obama.
L: Right Obama’s Nailin Pailin.


X: That one I saw the trailer and it looks really funny. And now we have Letterman one. The sets and the actors are amazing. Did you crack up the whole time you were making it?


L: Oh my God, I actually have the BTS on my site, We just launched in July. It was so much fun doing that movie. I was following the whole thing. Of course I follow everything Palin does now. We all had so much fun. It was a great shoot. The box cover looks outrageous, doesn’t it?


X: It’s beautiful.
L: It’s so great, it looks so much like Letterman’s set. How about my suit? We wanted to go with the slutty flight attendant look since that was one of the things that Letterman talked about that we all found so funny, that she was so offended by.


X: I loved that top ten list that was done on that one.
L: Everything was great. I really enjoyed getting closer with the Hustler family and working with them more. They are great people who have been amazing to me. Oh, I just joined the world of Twitter! I am on there as TheRealLisaAnn.


I am on there all the time. It’s great to just say hi to people you haven’t talked to in awhile and to catch up with what everyone is up too. Do you love it?
Love it.
 It’s addicting isn’t it?
So addicting. It is really great for right up to the minute stuff on set. I meet more & more people that aren’t in the industry and they what they like to hear and why they follow people like Bree Olson, she is really cool on her twitter. Nikki Benz is really cool on her twitter.
You have done so much press. You’ve been on TMZ, Entertainment Tonight…
Inside Edition. Really pretty much everything. I love it. I hope you have copies of everything. I have all of it. Are you kidding me? I’ve been saving all of it.


You have so much going on, what am I missing?
I’ve just had “Who’s the Boss” come out from Elegant Angel. They are a great company. I’ve also been inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame.
Did you think any of this was going to happen when you came back?
No. But now that I’ve gotten a taste of it I realize how much I like it. And how much it challenges me to work harder and do more.

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