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Exclusive Lisa Ann Interview Part 2 of 3  part 1

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Did you crack up the whole time you were making Letterman is Nailin Paylin?
L: Oh my God, I actually have the BTS on my site, We just launched in July. It was so much fun doing that movie. I was following the whole thing. Of course I follow everything Palin does now. We all had so much fun. It was a great shoot. The box cover looks outrageous, doesn’t it?
X: It’s beautiful. 
L: It’s so great, it looks so much like Letterman’s set. How about my suit? We wanted to go with the slutty flight attendant look since that was one of the things that Letterman talked about that we all found so funny, that she was so offended by. 

X: I loved that top ten list that was done on that one.
L: Everything was great. I really enjoyed getting closer with the Hustler family and working with them more. They are great people who have been amazing to me. This whole (Palin) thing spins out to Eminem’s people contacting me. That opened up my mainstream exposure a lot. I was on the road when I got the call from my office saying yeah Eminem just called, they want you to be in the next video. It was surreal.  I love Eminem, and he hadn’t had an album out in so long. He had one song released from that album called Crack A Bottle and ironically I had it as my phone ringer because I love Eminem and I was so happy to have him back. And also I am so excited because he went through such a bout with tragedy and drugs in his life and now he is clean and he is really, really great because he targets a young moldable audience and I think he could be a person that could make it be cool to recover and get through something and show that you could still be successful and have the same life. I see him promoting great things and being that voice that young people can relate to.

X: I love the video for We Made You. I loved ALL of it. And the fact that you get to be in bed with Eminem is just the icing on the cake.
L: It’s so awesome and there is some great BTS. There is the making of the video on a special on MTV and it’s also on It’s hysterical, totally hysterical. Eminem was really great to me. Everyone was excited to see me because I have done so much with Palin. Because of course they aren’t Palin fans. And of course everyone knows and loves Hustler. I brought a big bag of DVDs and gave them out on set. Porn is the international currency. So of course they are going to want that from me.
X: What did you think of the other characters in the video? Like the Kim Kardasian?
L: Oh my god it was so funny. When they shredded her and the money came out, how funny was that?
X: It was hysterical. And I loved the Jessica Simpson.
L: And having Tony Romo in there it was brilliant.  Jason Kahn was a brilliant director and Dr Dre was a brilliant counterpart so that’s a great team right there.
X: I liked your polar bear too.
L: Oh I know.
X: It was sexy when you were laying on the desk doing the wave and everybody else in the scene was doing it too. You were mouthing the words, so you must have learned every single word and sang that song a million times.
L: Yeah, because you listen to it over and over and over again while you are there.
X: It’s really catchy too.
L: It is really catchy. I dance to it when I do my Palin shows so it’s really great.

X: That’s cool. I’d like for you to sing it for me right now.
L: (Laughs)
X: How has this music video impacted your career?
L: I am back on the road again almost every weekend dancing. One weekend a month I’m doing store appearances and signings. Every city I go to doing radio interviews. The radio people are a lot more aware of me because I have entered the music realm. And then I have the club people who are the MTV generation who get time to watch music videos. It’s been amazing how much more popular I have become later on in my career.

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