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Exclusive-Marie Luv on Bella/Mandingo/Spice Awards more…

Marie Luv did a live on cam chat with a hundred of her fans on Saturday and I happened to catch some of it. Here are some of the things she mentioned (from my best recollection, I didn’t tape it, just typed it) The pics are screenshots.

Biggest cock I’ve had was Mandingo.

I don’t work out at all. My metabolism is so fast. I have a stomach condition where  I have to eat healthy and I still can’t gain weight. I have 4% body fat and it’s all in my pussy.

Woman make more because are you buying the porno for the girl.
People like Justin Slayer make the same as  girls because they are so good.

I won two awards at the spice awards and I got one. What’s up with that?

I did a scene with Belladonna and stuck my hand up her ass (showed us how, up to her knuckles)

Wesley Pipes is on my no list now because he talks so much I can’t cum.

Needs a title for my next movie. It would be cool if the fans helped me with the cast and the title.

A twelve guy blow bang was the most I ever did. Where they all came in a cup and I drank it. I’d never do that again

My all black girl/girl movie will have Jada Fire in it

My brother is not doing porn right now. A lot of straight companies want to contract him.

I like Jamaican beer and Heineken and Bud-light

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