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Explaining Hustler Vs 4Chan & BackStory

NL- Thanks Bigred, this has helped a lot. I didn’t know any of this except for the Hustler part!

Name: Bigred
Op/ed, semi-mindless rambling

“No spamming or flooding of any kind.” – rules.

Oh what a month for the Adult Industry October has been. But I’m going to focus a little bit on one thing.  As you know, or maybe not there’s a new version of “The People vs. Larry Flint”  sort of say cooling its heels. No its not a movie, so let’s call it ” The  Internet vs. Larry Flint”.

Due to the new piracy lawsuits going on against tube sites and about 9000 “John Doe s” opinions are raging. To explain it simply, think Metallica vs. Napster.  Remember that one? Seems to me the same concept. Now here’s where it gets  interesting. The Hustler website was disrupted. Not by Hustler’s doing. 

Here’s a list of the players involved or possibly involved.  Of course Then we have 4chan, Gawker, and the infamous Anonymous.  Now, we all know what Hustler is so here’s a quick rundown on the other players.

4chan is an internet message board. Its probably THE largest and, do I dare say  powerful board out there. You know those “stupid” “funny” internets videos or pics that get passed around the office that you look for on the youtube? There is a damn good chance it started here first. So yes, all our favorite memes came from here. Maybe. From Courage Wolf,to caturday this is the biggest thing you’ve
never heard of.

I’ve talked with people at work they have no clue what a 4chan is but they sure as hell know what I’m talking about. They get about 5.2 million guest visits from the U.S. a month. Keep that in mind. Crap, I can’t get 200 followers on twitter.

Player number 2 is Gawker. Now, I can’t really find the right words to describe what Gawker is so bare with me. Its part news mag/ part, gossip site. I’m on it now actually. Anyway,they to have a large following of loyal, I guess fans would be a good word. Much like 4chan, when a wrong needs to be righted the “internet geeks living in there parents basement” spring to life. Now,” these people also
live in houses and apartments”.  Ever hear of Jessi Slaughter and the Cyberpolice? Remember that cunt who threw the puppies in the river while her brother filmed it? No? Screw you for having a life.

Let’s just say on these 2 cases the internet got mad as hell and wasn’t going to take it anymore. Remember the chick who stole Epic Beard Mans bag from the bus? Does anybody know what the
shit I’m talking about? Anyway, don’t poke a bear. They get mad. All 3 of those cases, names, address, school, phone number what they had for fracking breakfast was found out and posted. My opinion, good. They deserved it. Fuck’em.

Now 4chan & Gawker don’t always see eye to eye. They (followers) have gone after the rival sites.  The latest being 4chan causing Gawker to not load. Now, the third in this cluster fuck of nerddom is Anonymous. These guys amaze the hell outta me. And I mean that in the nicest way possible.
They have been dubbed a “Cyber Vigilante Group” by the mainstream media. A cultural phenomenon which began on image boards is a collection of individuals united by ideas.  Made famous by Project Chanology which was a protest against the Church of Scientology.  A leaked video of a Tom Cruise interview to youtube caused the church to send a copyright violation claim to the site.  Project
Chanology was an orginized “attack” using prank calls, black faxes and denial of service attacks to the church website. There’s videos on youtube.  Actual physical onsite protests were done at church centers worldwide. Many of the protesters wore Guy Fawkes masks. You know, V from V for Vendetta.
The attacks(raids) are rather simple and nonviolent. Black faxes, there goes the toner. Prank calls, pizza and porno deliveries to homes.  What are we 12 ?

Classic stuff though. They have also done raids on Hal Turner, a white supremacist with a site and radio show.  And a virtual hotel/social networking site Habbo.

Now they have done some good in the world. They helped launch an Iranian Green Party Support site after the whole ’09 election protests. And most recently, and maybe relevant to you, Operation Payback. Gene Simmons of KISS fame had his websites attacked because of him coming out about file sharing litigation. So, his sites were having a hard time staying online. He later came out saying whoever did it would go to jail, basically become someones new bitch yada,yada,yada. Remember I said don’t poke a bear? His sites were hit again. So, the cyberpolice have been called & “ya dun goofed”.

Now rumor has it Operation Payback has caused a split in the rankings of Anonymous. Also, rumor a has it Payback is linked to the Hustler website shutdown. Time lost for Hustler was about an hour and a half. It took less than 3 minutes to do it. Even better on the revenge rumor mill, there was
“complications” with offending parties sort of say.

This entire story from court case to an internet pissing match is one to watch.

NL- I’d love to hear more views on this topic, any 4chan members who want to write up their side of the issue?

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