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Exxxotic Dallas faces problems

Welcome to the south, baby! Where we are known for our high end tittie bars but pretend we have a problem with porn.

Shawna Lenee (@ShawnaLeneeShow) snapped some pictures of the people protesting Exxxotica Dallas.

Apparently they have gone beyond just calling the porn stars names, but are also throwing Holy Water on everyone who enters and exits and paint-balling the porn stars. How fucked up is that? Why are the cops allowing this shit? I get protesting but that’s just taking it way to far.

Dallas Exxxotica Protesters

Dallas Exxxotica Protesters 2

 This is a new one I found. I think it’s the most bothersome. I mean what kind of good christian wishes rape on someone – anyone? WTF is wrong with these people?


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