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Exxxotica & High School Prom Held at the same time, same place, OOPS!

Parents worried about their children drinking or and partying too hard at prom had another issue to add to their list this year as one Miami school scheduled their celebration in the same building as a porn convention.
Seniors at Miami Beach High School were dressed in formal gowns and tuxes as they arrived at the city’s convention center on Saturday for their prom.
Their attire differed dramatically from that of the porn stars and adult entertainers sporting lingerie and sex toys as part of the Exxxotica Expo

School officials tried to calm nervous parents by assuring them that the children would not interact with the more tawdry event going on nearby.
‘We are completely separated from the venue. We have security, we have police officers,’ school official Gwen Saldivar told WSVN.
The organizer of Exxxotica echoed that sentiment, saying that their convention was a 18-and-over event which has enforced that rule throughout the opening and would continue to do so during the prom.
‘We’ve always build it as a celebration of sexy. It’s the largest adult event in the country dedicated to love and sex,’ Exxxotica founder John Handy told the station.

Though the school was not pleased when they heard that the porn convention was being held in the same venue, they went ahead with their scheduled prom because they had very few other options.
‘We do not hold our proms in venues such as hotels for the safety of our children and to discourage drinking,’ Ms Zaldivar told CBS 4.
‘Therefore this was the only available location and its easy to control the students are safe.’
Timing was also an issue, as only this weekend and next weekend- Memorial Day weekend- were options for the school.


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