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Eye Gazing Parties

Instead of getting shitfaced and causing a ruckus this New Years Eve – why not ring in the new year on a more positive note? One that might bring great tidings and joy to your sinful life? LOLJK but in all seriousness, if you’re struggling to find a meaningful relationship – this could be your year! For I introduce to you EYE GAZING PARTIES! It’s a new concept that communicates the idea of actually engaging another human being by gazing longingly into their eyes for a couple minutes.

You might be saying to yourself “But… porndotcomblog, I’m too shy to look in someone’s eyes! Just show me the tits!” Well, smut-lover, that’s why this concept works best in a PARTY environment! And best of all… this shit MUST work since it’s been written up in countless publications! From MSNBC to the New York Times, apparently this fad is really taking off!

Sorry for all these cat memes, but seriously, STOP BEING A PUSSY! I bet half of you can’t even tell me your significant others’ eye colour in this fast paced world. These eye gazing parties kind of resemble speed dating, but in the exact opposite manner. Take 15 girls, 15 guys, put them in a sweet environment of your choice… Stare into every single person’s eyes of the opposite sex. Then mingle, drink and listen to good music! That’s what these parties entail, and on paper, it sounds pretty sweet. But, now that I think about it… it sounds like it does take some balls too. Damn. HERE’S THE CREATOR of this cool new party concept, Michael Ellsberg. His website gives you all the info you need to throw your own party, including helpful tips, tricks and tools to making it happen! So get out there and find romance!

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