EyeHandy Videos

Ever wanted to know how to tie a Windsor knot? Or perhaps disassemble and clean your AR-15 Rifle? Sure, you could Google how-tos and find YouTube videos, but where’s the fun in that? Like looking at hot babes? Like learning things? Want to do both at the same time? You’re in luck!

EyeHandy is a website where they post videos of stunning models teaching you how to do various tasks. The only drawback is that there are hot girls… so, if you’re a human being, you will probably be distracted from actually learning. You may have to watch the videos more than once… but there’s nothing wrong with that!

All the videos are 100% free to watch. You can donate to help the creators make more new videos… hiring girls is expensive after all. But it’s free, and there are boobs, and it’s free, and abs, and asses, and learning, and boobs.

At the top of the page, I’ve given you just one example of the handful of videos available on the site. Seriously, you should check it out.

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