Failed Sexy Photos

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If today’s infatuation with selfies has taught us anything its that we love looking sexy on camera. People will go to great lengths to create that perfect image that makes them look their best. Sadly, its very easy to have a failed sexy photo and the internet is filled with great examples. We take a look at some epic failures so you can keep a few things in mind next time you’re sexting.

Prepare for Sexy Photo Fails!

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? Some of these make you wonder what these people are thinking?

Failed Sexy Photos-01

Sometimes a fail comes from a poor concept or idea and sometimes it’s a perfect storm. At least she is flexible…

Failed Sexy Photos-02

You really need to admire the color coordination and presentation here. Kitty cats everywhere approve!

Failed Sexy Photos-03

Remember that it’s important to send a message in any sexy photo. What does this photo say about this lovely lady? What doesn’t it say?

Failed Sexy Photos-04

This photo is a “National Treasure”.

Failed Sexy Photos-05

Check for flies in the godforsaken place you live. Best to remove the fly paper at this point.

Failed Sexy Photos-06

Sexy look; check! Lick lips; check! Armpit hair; double check!

Failed Sexy Photos-08

The Hooters hiring practices have gone downhill.

Failed Sexy Photos-09

What time is it? Sexy time!

Failed Sexy Photos-10

Normally we suggest not jazzing up photos but in this case it probably doesn’t hurt.

Failed Sexy Photos-11

You spin me right round, baby Right round like a record, baby….ahhh…smack!

Failed Sexy Photos-13

Elvis has left the building and is literally chocking his chicken.

Failed Sexy Photos-14

Just be glad this isn’t in 3D.

Failed Sexy Photos-16

It’s not easy looking this good!

Failed Sexy Photos-17

Sexy walk…hell yeah!

Keep these in mind next time you go to strut your stuff!

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