Fake Hilary Clinton sextape is linked to Russia

A porn video that has circulated in major erotic sites like Reddit, Pornhub, Spankbang, and Imgur is now being linked to a Russian trolling company, Internet Research Agency. The video which shows Hillary Clinton in a fake sex tape has been linked to Reddit account Rubinjer, according to a report by NBC News.

Rubinjer shared the false pornographic video titled “Leaked Hillary Clinton’s Hotel Sex Tape with Black Guy” to one of Reddit’s most popular subreddits “r/The_Donald” and others.

Reddit suspects that Rubinjer is the Russian-linked agency’s most popular account, and the porn video itself received 100,000 upvotes (similar to Facebook likes) before being shut down by the company. Rubinjer shared the graphic content both as gifs and videos in 2016 ahead of the election.  According to the US Department of Justice, the IRA had a “strategic goal to sow discord in the US political system,” which included attempts to interfere with the 2016 electoral process.

Received with skepticism

The video by Rubinjer was not accorded the warm reception the user may have anticipated, with the Reddit community itself being largely skeptical. The video which was posted on r/The_Donald, one of the numerous pro-Trump subreddits “largely fell flat, with most users expressing skepticism” of its authenticity.

If it’s her I think we’d see her face at least once,” wrote one user on the Reddit community r/Rule34.

However, Pornhub users didn’t seem to have too much of a problem jerking off to the fake video, with sex tape garnering around 250k views on the site before it was pulled down. The video, however, exists on other platforms with more people more than willing to see the former first lady being fucked by a black guy in some XXX action. The graphic video shows a blonde woman (supposedly Clinton) and a black man fucking through a fake hidden camera in what appears to be a hotel room. Attempts to get a response from Pornhub has so far proven futile.

Pointedly, Rubinjer is the only user known to have uploaded the video both as animated GIFs and full videos on the various platforms, which is illustrative of how the Russian-linked agency was hell-bent on spreading the video.  That account, plus 944 others have since been banned from Reddit for “suspected Russian Internet Research Agency origin.” However, a pinned post from Reddit at the top of the user’s page said that the Rubinjer account would be “temporarily preserved for purposes of transparency.” The company had not identified the accounts before, and 71 of the accounts had over 1,000-lifetime “upvotes” on the site.

The 944 banned accounts had posted a combined total of 14,000 times, according to a statement from company CEO Steve Huffman, who goes by the name ‘pez’ on the site.

The same techniques we use looking backwards, we will continue to use into the future. Preventing the manipulation of Reddit, political or otherwise, has always been a priority for us, and we’ll continue to invest here,” spez said in reply to one commenter on Reddit’s transparency report post. “One thing to note is that the majority of users on this list and their posts were caught and banned by moderators, so improving tools for community moderation will also be an ongoing investment.”

Facebook also recently deleted 135 Facebook and Instagram accounts and 138 Facebook Pages linked to the IRA, while Twitter banned over 1,000 accounts in January. The IRA has been accused of deploying an army of users and bots that posted divisive political content during the 2016 presidential election.

A whistleblower, a former employee at the Internet Research Agency, Alan Baskaev had last October told Russia’s Rain TV that the troll farm had created a fake Hillary Clinton porn video. However, until Reddit acknowledged the site and released usernames tied to the Russia-linked agency Tuesday, the video itself had not been credibly linked to a troll farm account.

Spreading disinformation

The Internet Research Agency has been alleged of covering disinformation in an attempt to sway voters in the 2016 presidential election. According to Alan Baskaev, the agency made a video that looked like a U.S. soldier shooting a Quran. In the same interview with Rain TV, he had said that the agency had a fake sex tape of Obama and Clinton getting it on.
However, he was wrong about his assertion that one would buy it (the sex tape). With the number of views the Clinton video garnered on various XXX sites, Alan Baskaev might better upgrade his porn game.

The Porn Dude reliably believes the sex tape Baskaev was referring to is the one posted on Reddit. However, it isn’t immediately clear whether the guy in the porn video was supposed to be the former president.


Whatever the political outcome the video was supposed to have, one thing is certain, celeb pussy sells. People don’t care whether it is fake or real action. If it presents the only chance to see a formerl firpst lady fucking a black guy, people will still watch it. And you can’t blame them because porn is clearly a universal language? Don’t forget to check out our “Fake Celebrity Nudes” category, if you’re into this smut!

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