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Faked Tests/ Penicillin Time!

OP/ED by XXXMed (an adult industry insider with medical knowledge who wishes to remain anon)

First of all, If you work in the industry get tested right now, and get a penicillin shot. Tell the doctor you suspect you have been exposed to syphilis and you want a penicillin shot IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

Faked tests in the adult industry are actually a very common occurrence. For Example- Performer X gets a clean test from AIM on the the first of the month.  On the tenth of the month he goes to another clinic because he is getting that little tingling feeling when he takes a leak. He tests positive and gets a prescription from that other facility, but in the meantime keeps right on working with his ‘clean’ AIM test. This is no secret among performers, agents and producers. Not to mention the Tijuanna pharmacy , getting hundreds of  doses of Zithromax at a time that performers would take a few days before their monthly tests.

What this current individual has done regarding the syphilis test is not only morally reprehensible, but a legal violation as well.  And it is certainly cause for civil litigation for any person they worked with.  I also wonder if any of these companies they worked with have notified OSHA of this. I certainly expect County Health to notify OSHA, and I also expect OSHA to seek employment records from the agents who have gone on record as representing not only the offending individual, but one of the exposed individuals as well.
There is a fine line between what this individual has done, and what is common practice regarding testing outside of AIM in the past. While the AIM tests were never altered, the performers who had positive tests from other clinics are certainly committing a fraud when they presented that AIM test as accurate to their employer, and to the other performers they have worked with.
The County Health Department has a legal duty to investigate. It will be interesting to see if possibly exposed individuals will be advised  not to cooperate with County investigators. Time will tell.
And what about exposed individuals who may be testing in other states? Their results will not be sent to LA County Health. Hmmm, wonder how many people this might include?
Lets see what the ‘self policing’ industry does regarding these illegal acts of this performer.   Its just too bad there is no way to blame Sharon Mitchell for this one. (lol)

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