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Faking the Mother/Daughter thing by Desi Foxx

Desi Foxx writes on her site about The Vaughns (mother, daughter, step daughter, grandma, who knows, lol) and her own relationship with her daughter, Elli. Here is an excerpt. You can read the whole thing there.

She calls it “Faking the Mother Daughter Thing”


I find it to be quite a coincidence that this group came out at the same time our scammers were posting we had retired. Veronica and her mother have been around about as long as we have been without saying anything. Veronica’s real daughter’s name is Elle. Very much like Elli. And her letter is also extremely close to our story. A mom who works and teaches her daughter everything, etc but she replaces the real daughter with some other girl who just shows up on the scene. My guess is this is her new PR firm copying the Foxxs lives and figuring that since we were going out of porn, they could easily take over our spots. Now they’re backpedaling. Both because the farce was found out and because they are experiencing the hate mail, much worse then we ever got, I’m sure.

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