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False And Slanderous Statement About Heather Carolin

Heather Carolin (Playboy Playmate April 2002) emails: “Hello, Recently while searching for stolen pics on the web my affiliate came across the following post on your site:  The below statement is completely untrue and I have never even heard of this company until I read this. This is Heather Carolin writing to you and I have had a problem with other redheads working under my name and photos. This is something I do not tolerate and I am asking that you remove this slanderous statement from the the page listed below on your site. Thanks, Heather Carolin.”

“I am saying that is a false and slanderous statement on your site about me and that many girls pose as me and work as escorts. I have seen numerous worldwide sites with my photos on them. I never worked with the company that you are stating I did. I would like that information removed, and finally no I do not work as an escort. I have very profitable personal websites and a great modeling career. Thanks, Heather.”

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