Farewell Skin Diamond – But We’ll Still See You

Skin Diamond is one of the pornstars that has really hit it big. She has been in the spotlight since she joined the porn biz in 2009 at the age of 22. She became popular not only because she is an incredibly beautiful ebony girl, but also because she has a great attitude towards anything sexual, and she gives her all to every scene in which she participates. At 5 feet 5 inches tall and 110 pounds, her measurements of 32B-25-35 have shocked people for years, because she is so sexy but also innocent looking. Ms. Diamond has been in more than 400 porn movies, and probably even more scenes than that which are just online. Before she did porn, she was doing various types of modeling and she was also studying acting. She always had dreams of being in the spotlight, and now that dream is simply taking a new form.

She has decided to quit making porn after getting cast in the Showtime miniseries Submission as a character that seems pretty close to her real persona. She plays a character who is a kinky cutie who helps her friend get involved in BDSM. If you’ve ever seen her in a BDSM porn movie you will see that she truly has a desire to get into the deeper and darker side of sex. With this on her plate, there didn’t seem to be a way that she could both do porn and work as a professional actress in a mainstream production, simply because of the demands of both jobs. In addition to making a move towards the mainstream screen, Skin has also decided to release music under the name Raylin Joy. She has recently released her first single which is called Fire. She has a silky smooth voice and she still uses her sexuality in the video because the whole time she is prancing around in her underwear and showing off her perfect body.

In an interview online, Skin said that she wanted to leave porn because she has so much of herself that she wants to show the world, even though she is more shy and scared about putting her music out there. Even though bodies have imperfections that can cause insecurity, Skin says that her music is a part of her soul, which is a lot harder and more vulnerable to put out there. Skin feels like she is prepared to make this career transition because she has been empowered by her experiences in porn. Well, we will miss you Skin Diamond, but we’re glad we will still get to see you on television and in your sexy music videos. However, we hope you will come back to the porn screen someday!

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