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Farrah Not Pregnant, From her Anal Scene… lol

I actually tried to leave this WHOLE story alone, because I can’t stand people who are famous for doing NOTHING. BUT Farrah Abraham who was on some stupid “Teen Mom” Reality type program decided she wanted her chance at Kardasianism and made a sex tape with James Deen that was “leaked”. Problem is that the tape was actually a preplanned movie, set up and shot as a low budget Vivid porno, not a “Private Tape Made Public” as it states on the box. Farrah was paid for shooting the scene, on set the day of the sex act. James Deen was HIRED for his role. HE wasn’t dating Farah. ( We know he can do better) So the sex was anal, the tape is out, and now trying for another shot at her 3 1/2 minutes of fame, Farrah gets photographed buying a pregnancy testing kit. ( Oh my gosh, how did TMZ just “happen” to be there????!!!!) The whole thing is absolutely ridiculous juvenile propaganda of the worst lame ass kind. BUT since a few of you are interested… It’s now being said that NO Farrah did NOT get pregnant by James Deen while she shot her ANAL scene. OMG..

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