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Fattorosi Email to Donny Long?

Correspondence that is allegedly a back and forth between Michael Fattorosi (using Vanessa Blue’s name) & Donny Long. Here is one I find very interesting. But go to Mike’s site to read them all   I’d be happy to post Donny’s or Vanessa’s or Michael’s side of the story on this if they would like to email it to me.

On 02-08-2011, Vanessa Blue wrote:
Thank you sir… I appreciate the favor. I really dont deal that much with the girls in the industry anymore. I have a couple of other big cases going including a bunch of the copyright downloader cases for content producers. I am representing the Paris Hilton sex tape owners in one of them.

I get a lot of calls from girls about the site but for the most part I just tell them their real names arent private information and there’s little they can do. I have no interest in getting involved with trying to take this battle on. These internet cases are keeping me busy. People in the industry already think I am your lawyer so they dont really like the fact that Im not coming to help out the girls. None of them have any money and I really dont take blow jobs for legal services.

I think that a lot of people that dont know assume its your site but others are guessing its former XPTers and or a big program trying to get traffic. Anything that seems bad in the industry is always blamed on Brazzers anyway.

Here’s a heads up for you and the Army… did you guys see this thread on GFY ?

Someone posted an old pic of a guy that resembles you sucking cock. You may want to look into that. And if you dont know AVN owns GFY now.

Otherwise Im glad to hear that things are good. We are hanging in there. The downturn is effecting anyone here in LA. From what Ive heard Derek is mostly just an escort site now. Almost all of his money is coming from TLC and he has almost no porn bookings.

I am about to file a case against another agent. I might have one coming against Derek.

Still trying to get out of here either to Italy or maybe even Costa Rica. I hear thats a pretty good place to produce content.

Later. And thank you again.


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