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FEARLESS’ Brian Begin Breaks Down the Basics of Believing In Yourself

Success coach Brian Begin is breaking down the basics of self-esteem in his latest blog post, ‘Start Believing in Yourself with These Powerful but Simple Steps’, available now at

The FEARLESS instructor’s revealing article outlines the simple process of letting go of stuck emotions, limiting beliefs & thoughts, as well as painful moments of the past. This process is one of the core confidence and success building tools of FEARLESS.

“When you doubt yourself, it’s because of limiting beliefs about yourself, the past, and your ability to handle whatever life throws at you,” says Begin. “Those beliefs, heavy emotions and negative thought patterns are the very thing that are holding you back in life and making you doubt yourself.

Begin further explains in the article that “the answer is NOT just ‘thinking positive’ or faking it until you make it.” He believes that with a FEARLESS philosophy, “you’ve got to recognize and face what’s really going on inside you, deep down.”

“I wanted to give our fans a simple version of the transformative process we use at all our live events to help men let go of the things that are making them doubt themselves.”

FEARLESS co-founder Dave Stultz adds that “you can push and push and try to force yourself to be confident in yourself, but if how you feel deep down is in strong opposition to that, you’ll only get so far.

“This process can really get to the core of insecurities and self-doubt so you’re building confidence on a stronger foundation. Follow along with the process as you read the post and you can literally start making little improvements immediately.”

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