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FEARLESS Presents 3-Day ‘Releasing’ Intensive for Insecurities, Buried Trauma and Stuck Emotions

FEARLESS success coaches Brian Begin and Dave Stultz, are set to bring their three-day Focused Meditation ‘Releasing’ Intensive to Los Angeles, July 13-15, 2018, with tickets available now at

The guided weekend workshop – open to both men and women – takes clients through advanced and comprehensive training that helps them identify, dive into, process and let go of the emotions, insecurities or past traumas hindering their overall personal growth.

Begin and Stultz believe that any area of life that’s not being properly fulfilled relates to something going on internally, and this meditative seminar is among the most powerful, deep work that FEARLESS does. This small group of clients resolves what’s slowing them down and creates an exhaustive guide of diverse tools to continue using throughout their daily lives.

“Taking action in life is critical, but if you’re not taking action on something you want, there’s an internal reason for it. Maybe you don’t really want it, but often it’s actually that there’s some kind of pain, fear, or other emotion that’s overpowering your desire to take the action,” said Begin.

“I absolutely love this work because it’s shifted my own life so much, and I’ve seen how it can help our clients transform themselves, let go of layers and layers of emotional crap and make their goals happen.”

Begin further explains that people have “so many subtle emotions and defense mechanisms to distract us from having to face what’s really going on deep down that slows us down or limits our results in any area of life” and combines a multitude of different meditative methods from a decade of studying, practice, exploration and tweaking to hone in on how to help each individual with their many differences and the subtleties of what’s internally holding them back.

For FEARLESS’ Stultz, “We all have baggage… it’s amazing every time to see clients drop loads of heavy emotions. Often it’s stuff they’d been subconsciously numbing out to or suppressing and completely unaware of.

“This focused meditative work is where the real gold is, and it’s a big part of what separates us from a lot of other coaches in the personal development space. Brian just has taken this work so deep and wide, and the small-group nature of our intensive makes it so personalized and hands-on.

This is one of the huge keys for our most successful clients; it’s just astounding to see how their entire presence will change with this work – even inside of 10 minutes, sometimes –and they’ll suddenly be more free, confident, and taking action with renewed energy. They’ll start seeming like different people entirely. When they get in touch with and let go of their baggage, they just get results in life so much more easily.”

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