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Felon Phyllisha Anne Terminates APAG

Gee, who didn’t see the coming..

Wasn’t aware you could file lawsuits in the Supreme Court..



At this moment, the International Entertainment Adult Union would like to announce the Termination of our Adult Performers Actors Guild, APAG. The IEAU has official filed and terminated APAG with the DOL, as well as filed lawsuit under the supreme court against Alana Evans, Ruby and Kelly Pierce, APAGS former President, VP & Secretary to recover all of APAGs assets. Assets totaling over $210,000. Da Fuck?

The board of the IEAU can no longer tolerate Under any circumstances, the constant on line hatefulness and the bulling, that is not what we are about or who we are, that is not the professionalism we want to portray; therefore, the board has decided to pull back and regroup.

The Adult Performers Actors Guild is a Trademark entity of The International Entertainment Adult Union therefore, the name will stay with the IEAU, all APAG members at this time will be under the main IEAU membership. Once all that has been done officially, we have retrieved back all assets from APAG officers, we will then regroup and figure out together, how to move forward.

Phyllisha Anne, the founder states “I put this Union together for the soul purpose to help people, and create a save place for workers to be able to come to for guidance and help, there has been so much slanderous talk and bullying, that helps no one and it takes the focus away of what is important. Right now, we need to pull together as an industry and a Union is an entity that can help everyone in this time of need. I was hoping they would all see the good in what they were able to do, but that doesn’t seem to be possible, even though it saddens me, it’s time to say good bye.”

Elisabeth Thomas, International President states, “We thank all the current officers very much for all the work they have put into this union, however, we wished you would of lead us with a more professional stance than is currently being projected as the Union, and we look forward to establishing the APAG chapter at a later date, once we have had time to step back and regroup.

At this current time, APAG is no longer registered with the Department of Labor under the IEAU. As of March 19th 2020 APAG is now officially terminated, until further notice.

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