Female Friends Get Naked

Female Friends Get Naked

We recently came across a fun video by BuzzFeedYellow that featured real female friends seeing each other naked for the first time! Its a fun and cute video as we get to see genuine and natural reactions.

Women aren’t always this open with their BFFs and we see from this video that it’s very common for ladies get wrapped up comparing themselves to their friends bodies. There’s an element of true vulnerability in this vid and that’s refreshing to see.

Some BFFs had reservations about stripping down for each other but it was a positive experience for everyone. There were tons of giggles and some of their reactions were absolutely priceless. At one point, a participant stated her friend should have “mad nipple confidence” and another explained that she was fully shaved because she thought she’d be having sex later that night! Pure gold!

Watching this video made us think how this same scenario plays out very differently in porn. How many times have you watched a lesbian sex video that starts off in basically the same way? Today we want to play “What if?”

In the adult XXX world it’s very common to see two “friends” realize they have time to kill and take that opportunity to explore each others bodies or satisfy their curiosity about girl-on-girl fun. We like to believe this happens in the real world because it gives us the “warm and fuzzies”. With that in mind, we include some of our favorite girl-on-girl moments that involve two “BFFs” coming together…

Bree Daniels and Sienna Milano Compare Boobs

Sexy blonde sweethearts Bree Daniels and Sienna Milano compare their boobs!

Mischa Brooks and Jenna Ross Compare Pussies

Mischa Brooks and Jenna Ross take a moment to compare pussies. They look great girls!

Marie McCray and Pepper Kester Try some Toys

Marie McCray and Pepper Kester know the secret to any girl-on-girl time is having the right toys!

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