Japan’s First Bar Devoted To Female Masturbation, Opens In Tokyo:


The best quote I’ve heard about this new bar opening in Tokyo went as follows;
“This bar is guaranteed to get a lot of buzz…if only for the battery-operated sex toys.”


Here’s the deal, a new bar in Japan has opened up called “Love Joule”.  It is the first bar of it’s kind basically devoted to female masturbation.  How awesome is that?
Love Joule, a colorful new bar in the Shibuya district of Tokyo, is a “love and sex bar dedicated to women.”  Once you take a seat, customers are able to experience a pleasant place in which they can openly discuss masturbation.  Since most view female masturbation as a mystery or taboo, it’s not an unusual topic at typical bars, so the unique theme to this bar has been created to allow the discussions to flow and self demonstrations to occur, its aim is  to help women open up about their insecurities and self confidence issues that come with masturbation.

Usually behind the counter at a bar, there are rows upon rows of liquor in all shapes and sizes.  This bar is slightly different.  Rows upon rows of dildos and other sex toys are what replace the booze.  Although you can drink at this bar, and it is a liquor licensed club, getting boozed up is not the main priority.

The main focus is to be sexually aware, and learn to love yourself and your body.  Seems like a very positive place to be!  I was always under the impression that the Japanese tried to replicate the Westerners in pop culture life, everything seems so much bigger over there then it is here.


To be a Mixed Martial Artist in Japan, is like walking down the street in New York with Michael Jackson, (when he was still alive of course).


When bands of the Heavy Metal genre go over to Japan to play, they have far larger crowds then they would in the U.S.  Japan just does things on a much more grandiose scale.  Which is awesome.

But the more I read about it, and the more investigation and truth I seek, I see that Japan is a mother fuckin’ trailblazin’ place of the future!!!

They have cat brothels there.  Yes, a place where you can just walk into, and for a nominal fee you get to seek the companionship of cats.  You drink, and you pet cats and apparently it’s awesome.

Japan’s crazy young renegades and rebels who dress up like real life anime characters is also something you can see when taking a stroll through the streets.  It’s amazing.  They are definitely on a planet all unto their own.  They are deifnitely free thinkers over there.

Getting back to the Love Joule, it is already a major hit with women in the commercial sex and adult industry according to its facebook page, which sites former adult video star Nayuka Mine, and model Sayo Hayakawa as customers.

Akiko Teishi who is a reporter for a blog called Bikyamasr.com, visited the bar and spoke to some of its customers and they had this to say:
“We go because it is a safe place and I don’t have to worry about trying to brush off men all the time.  Getting to talk about sex and guys, and a great place to drink is also an added bonus!”

According to the blog, a doctor at a ladies clinic by the name of Ikuko Ikeshita said over the past few years, “there has been a movement to do away with the stigma surrounding female masturbation in Japan.”


Pointing to the increase in websites discussing sexuality and stores selling female sex toys, Love Joule is just another part of this general trend.

And if you were wondering, men are ONLY welcomed if they are accompanying a woman.  Men without female companionship will just have to wonder what goes on inside.  Luckily for them, male masturbation doesn’t face the same stigma.


Although it’s important to note that a club like this, would probably not fly so well, if it was directed towards men.  Unfortunately men have their own stigma’s to deal with.  A club like this in existence geared towards men, would simply be a gay bar.  Right?  Women who now have a club that hosts masturbation as its main seller, is in no way misconstrued as a lesbian bar, which in my eyes by principle has already squashed its first stigma.
It is just an all female joint where chicks can go to tinker thmeselves.

There should be nothing wrong with that.  I would want to believe an all femal establishment like this as opposed to an all male establishment would be much cleaner, and more sanitary.


Although I’m just speculating, I would also think the patrons who attend Love Joule are of a blend between gay, straight, or bi.  In the end I have a feeling nobody judges and no one cares about sexual orientation over there.  Which is pretty cool, but a place like that would be one tough sell on American soil.  It could never work as a cross-niche bar.  Just wouldn’t and I don’t think it could happen.  No one is the wiser over there, and that is what you would call true freedom.


*NOTE* This just in…..
Apparently, my sources tell me guys who are not lucky enough to secure an invite to the Love Joule, are encouraged not just to do normal masturbation sessions, but to try out a “Tenga Egg.”  Since 2005 Tenga has sold more than 15 million male masturbation units worldwide.  6.5 million of that number is credited towards the famous best selling (and disposable)  “Tenga Egg.”  If you are unfamiliar click on this powerful link.  Try not to cry, and try not to jump for joy, afterall this thing has been out since 2005.

Now while we are on the subject of Love Joule the Female Masturbation Bar, I have a few questions and hopefully they can eventually be answered.

1) It’s been explained that instead of a liquor counter, there are rows upon rows of dildo’s and sex toys….  Are you forced to buy them, then use?  Because that could get expensive no?  Or, do you use and then return before you departure?  Which sort of feels like a library rental, and well… that’s just kind of fucked if you ask me.

2) Is masturbation really allowed there?  Or do you just talk to COMPLETE strangers about masturbation? Or should I say, “Perfect Strangers?”


And if it is allowed there, are there private rooms you go into, or do you just “whip it out and beat it” right there at the bar?  Both systems seem really weird to me, as female masturbation time seems like a very fragile and personal journey into a fantasy world that can only be described as a physical hormone explosion.

Now having said that, would you really want to “physically explode your hormones” all over the walls of a private room in a bar somewhere in a district of Tokyo you are absolutely unfamiliar with?  Or better yet, as a tourist, would you wander into this club, seeking the truth about masturbation through simple conversation and observation of toys and dildos?  Bust this on for size… You don’t speak the fuckin’ language!  How do you even get past first base in this place?

Miscommunication is a real mother fucker.  And it totally sucks!  Just see below:

3) If the two questions above prove to be answered as follows: that you do use the toys provided, and you do masturbate in front of one another, you better hope they serve liquor there, cause who would want to masturbate in front of strangers without being absolutely shit face drunk.  I mean, piss your fuckin’ pants drunk…. SPRING BREAK STYLE!!!  But at that point, I think you would be the biggest freak on the planet, having just pissed your pants from total intoxication and still be beating off.  First of all you’d look like a total fuckin’ freak, and second you would just come off as an absolute waste case, I mean, you’re technique would be all wrong.  Harsh, and rough, and who knows, at that point, where you’re drunk as hell, you might be beating off your god damn knee?  So in the end, you’re totally doing it wrong anyways!  What the fuck?!!




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