Female Orgasm Uncovered – Squirting!

Like my spam breakfast, I have no idea what actual ingredients make up the female ejaculate. I realize squirting is a mutant power that all women do not possess, and so it’s always a kinky wet surprise when you’re giving your woman a furious finger-banging/Tekken button mashing sesh and cunt juice blasts right out of that snapper like at one of those waterparks where jets of water leap from hole to hole.

Anyway, I think squirting is pretty cool in my book because it tosses out all the guesswork. Your girl came and she came so hard her body made its own type of erotic goo just for the moment. just added THOUSANDS of new squirt videos!

Check out my list of free squirting porn videos! The proof is the puddle!

 1.) Biker Blonde Rides Dick Until She Creams the Couch

2.) Monster Strap-on Pounds Twat Until She Squirts!

3.) Nicki Blue

Nicki Blue squirts like a motherfucker super-soaker!

4.) Cute Brunette Tells You What Squirting Actually Feels like

5.) Ass-tastic Sheena Ryder Squirts All Over Greasy Long Pecker

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