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Fine- You can all buy me Gifts… ( Somehow I doubt this)

These are on my wish list, so i can look just like my picture!

I have had so many emails and people on twitter asking me for the link to my wish list. So maybe I was wrong all along about it being tacky. But somehow I think you all want to know what is on there so you can make fun of me! Which I am okay with. Hey I let people call me a cunt on LIB, I can live with you making fun of my choice in hippy clothes and hair extensions. GO FOR IT!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME ON WEDNESDAY (August 18th is… the big four oh, oh no…)

UPDATE- one reader tells me I am not allowed to have a wish list unless I get naked. Sarah Blake tells me I am crazy NOT to have one. I think I’ll stick with Sarah, lol.



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