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First Interview will be by Cindi, Briana says



This is Briana with our friend, European model, Marina Bond. i introduced them. Looks like they like each other, lol. I know it says something on the pic, but I needed a quick picture and this is off Briana’s myspace. I’ll get something better from them for future stories.

I just talked to Briana Banks, who starts shooting her first movie for her own company in two weeks, she says that I get first dibs on interviewing her. I’m looking forward to talking to her, and finding out why she decided to leave Vivid, open her own company, who she’s going to have for contract girls, and what her first movie is going to be like. I am trying to set something up for this week.

Truthfully, I have been friends with Briana since before she was Briana, and I have loved her from our first conversation. So we have a lot to talk about. I have no problem asking her about anything so if you have some Q’s, post ’em. I know she’ll answer all, but she may not answer all on the record, lol.

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