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Five External Signs of Men’s Sexuality: Myths and Realities

Is there a connection between sexuality and the appearance of a man? Scolars and women are discussing this question on the permanent basis. There are a plenty of myths in this regard. If you have faith in the most frequent of these myths, the passionate playboy should be bald, have crooked legs and a huge nose. What an amazing image of a handsome man, who attract every girl! But is this so in practice?

Men’s nose.

Myth: a large nose tells you about an impressive manhood.

Truth: there is no connection between the sizes of these parts of the body. However, otolaryngologists nevertheless confirm some influence of the nose size on the men’s sexuality. It turns out that men with a big nose usually have a quite pleasant baritone that hypnotically affects women, who, as you know, love with their ears. Therefore, such men are more attractive to many girls. It may be concluded that the size of the nose is linked only to the external attractiveness of the man, but not with his potency his manhood.

Men’s thumb.

Myth: you can determine exactly the size and the form of a manhood by the appearance of his thumb.

Truth: urologists and women with rich sexual lifetime experience affirm this myth in part. If the finger expands to the nail, the manhood has an impressive glans. If the thumb has a narrowing to the nail, the penis of the man can have the same form. Some experiments show that the comparison of the length of the thumb on the left arm with the length of the penis can be the most reliable, as well as the size of the finger pad and the circumference of the penis. The wider the thumb pad is, the larger the penis is, and the shorter the thumb is, the smaller the penis is.

Men’s size feet.

Myth: The huge size feet can tell you about a man’s sexual indefatigable nature.

Truth: this is a complete lie. In the reality, the important feature is not the feet size, but the length of the whole leg. The shorter the legs of the man are in comparison with his height, the more tireless he is in bed. There is a true physiological justification that lies in the abundance of androgens. Their excess during adolescence inhibits the growth of tubular bones, but the body continues to grow. It may be concluded that a man with short legs will not let you feel bored in bed.

Men’s excessive hairiness.

Myth: “brushwood” on the body is the true sign of a hot temperament.

Truth: the excessive hairiness of the male body is a true sign of problems with his adrenal glands. The intensive functioning of these glands in youth leads to early sexual maturation. However, the extinction of the reproductive system will overtake a man much faster. Nevertheless, there is a ring of truth in this myth. You should look not at the men’s chest, hands and back, but at the pubis. The curlier hairline, leading from the navel to the bottom of his manhood is, the more testosterone in the testes he has. This hormone is responsible for men’s sexual power and temperament.

Men’s baldness.

Myth: men’s baldness is a sign of his impressive sexual power.

Truth: the lack of hair on the head has a vague relation to the sexual temperament. The theory of a bald lover is a perfect lover" is true but only if a man began to lose hair before his 30’s, and not because of the radiation but because of increased production of androgens. Physiologists say that the excess of testosterone hormone in the men’s body provokes early hair loss. This means that the libido of such men surpasses, in this case, all the wildest expectations, and the bald machos, as practice shows, are overwhelmingly ready always and everywhere.

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