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Flickr Is Fine With Nudity

Anime writes on ADT:

Flickr is fine with nudity AS LONG as you set the proper filters on these photos. You can rate each photo as either Safe, Moderate, or Restricted. In order for others to view Moderate and Restricted photos, they have to adjust their SafeSearch account settings accordingly. This prevents casual browsers (i.e. Moms) from stumbling upon your Sasha Grey ass shots and complaining to the moderators.

If you DON’T set the filters on your photos, and Flickr gets enough “Flag this photo” complaints from users (i.e. Moms), they can mark your account as “Unsafe”. This forces others to be logged in to view your photos, and they won’t be able to find your photos using the search function.

Finally, you REALLY must consider a Pro account on Flickr, bono. You’re approaching the 200 photo limit for basic users. Once you cross it, your oldest photos basically vanish from the photostream. If you upgrade to Pro, they reappear.

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