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Flynt called Enemy #1 !


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AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) Just Say “No!” to Flynt’s Porn Industry Bailout Request

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Larry Flynt is asking the taxpayers of this country to pay for his reckless, greed driven sexual exploitation of his “actors” and by extension, the public’s lives. Flynt, the Porn King of America, is Public Health Enemy Number One regarding HIV/AIDS. Flynt’s outrageous request for a government bailout for the adult entertainment industry is obviously a publicity stunt, as Flynt is known as much for his cheap publicity stunts as he is for his commercial exploitation of sex, according to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF).

However tongue in cheek Flynt’s bailout request may be, AHF clearly and publicly opposes any possible government bailout for Flynt, who has made a fortune through the sexual exploitation—primarily of women—and his decades-long encouragement of irresponsible unsafe sex. Flynt’s exploitative pornography is made under life threatening conditions to the actors, pressured to make films without condoms. The harm is then magnified by the sale and showing of films that viewers know feature sex without condoms, a practice commonly known in the sex business as “bare-backing.” This in turn encourages similar dangerous sexual practices among the general public.

Flynt is a leader in the adult entertainment industry and he has led the industry down a destructive path of dangerous life and health threatening sexual exploitation. He has repeatedly opposed the use of condoms in the making of these films, endangering the lives of both the people who work for him and his customers. As a leader in his industry, he is doubly guilty of taking the health and lives of his workers and his viewing customers into his hands and dangerously exploiting all of them by encouraging the rest of the industry to follow suit by his high-profile, irresponsible example.

A few years ago, in response to a letter by then California Assembly Member Paul Koretz asking adult entertainment industry producers to use condoms in the making of all adult films to prevent transmission of HIV/AIDS, Flynt took a flippant tone in response to a life and death matter. His response to Koretz was: “I appreciate what the Assemblyman is doing,” said Larry Flynt, owner of his porn publishing and video empire, in a statement provided through a spokeswoman. “But I want to know: Who is going to put the condoms on the actors? Is he going to come down here and do it himself?”

AHF says put a symbolic condom on Flynt and protect the taxpayers and the entire public from his dangerous exploitation. AHF says “no!” to his absurd request for a “bailout.” In light of industry leader Flynt’s cruel and flippant attitude to the health and safety of his workers and the public-at-large, AHF calls for the California legislature to enact a ban on the making of any films or other media without the use of condoms. Industry leader Flynt has spelled out his disdain for any “voluntary” safe sex measures for his industry as he continues to lead his industry to ever more widespread dangerous—and deadly—sexual exploitation.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) is the nation’s largest AIDS organization. AHF’s Public Health Division currently operates the largest community-based HIV testing program in California, providing nearly 14,000 free HIV and STD tests annually. AHF also provides medical care and services to more than 98,000 individuals at free AIDS treatment clinics in 22 countries worldwide in the US, Africa, Latin America/Caribbean and Asia. Additional information is available at

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