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Follow @Britney_Amber ‘s New Instagram Profile!

Britney Amber is letting fans know that she has a new Instagram profile – The popular performer had to restart a new page after her previous one was hit with deletion. Britney had grown her initial account to over 1.3 million followers, and now she is looking to rebuild that number by getting the word out to her fans – Britney’s back.

“I’m letting all my fans know that I’m here. I simply have a new handle on the platform,” said Britney. “It can be disheartening to lose over a million followers overnight. It’s especially frustrating when I made sure to comply with the site’s rules and guidelines. Now I am back and looking forward to communicating with and engaging with fans, even if that means I need to be exceedingly cautious about my content.”

While the exact nature of Britney’s first account removal is not known, as Instagram has not been forthcoming, it may have resulted from the fluid community guidelines and the platform’s notorious slant against adult industry performers.

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