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According to (Adult Video News) there’s a movie in the works of epic proportions almost ready to enter production. But not just any movie – a remake of a timeless classic, The Wizard of Oz! Hold onto your hats though, as the characters portrayed in this version may have a different quest in mind; something other than “cumming” home.

If only he had a girl (Dorothy?) to give him brain!

That’s right, adult video company “X-Play” will add another masterpiece to their growing collection of porno parodies showcased on their affiliate (very creative branding if you ask me). They title each feature beginning with “Not” i.e. “NOT the Charlies Angels XXX” or “NOT Charlie Sheen’s House Of Whores XXX”. They even go as far as having a “Not Cosby’s XXX 2” (can’t even picture a first one, let alone a second HAHA!). X-Play is currently casting for the Wizard of Oz parody.

Crème de la Cosbèy


Anyway, after doing some research on porno parodies I came across a Wizard of Oz parody that’s already in existence! This fucker is a sheer work of art, and will leave you in shock and awe! Prepare yourself for “THE WIZARD OF 40OZ” made by the fine people at pornpros!!! This shit is gold!! Click the screencaps or link if you want to laugh your ass off! (And then, of course, rub one out – possibly at the same time.)

Here’s the link: PornPros presents – The Wizard of 40Oz

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