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For World Refugee Day, xHamster Launches Initiative for LGBTQ Asylum Seekers

CYPRUS — In conjunction with World Refugee Day, and Pride Month in the United States, tube site xHamster is launching an initiative to connect LGBTQ people living in repressive regimes with resources and asylum options.

Starting immediately, visitors to xHamster’s gay channel in Indonesia will be presented with a pop-up alerting visitors about the recent government crackdowns, and directing them to resources about legal aid and refugee resettlement programs.

The program was launched after a series of police raidsforced HIV testing and public canings of gay men in Indonesia.

xHamster chose Indonesia to launch the program because of recent crackdowns and the high penetration of English language speakers.  If successful, xHamster will launch similar initiatives in other areas where LGBTQ people face persecution.

Alex Hawkins, Vice President of xHamster explained the program:

“We know that adult content is often a resource for those struggling with sexuality, or used for relief during times of persecution. It is sought out by those who may not have a connection to a larger community, or who may be avoiding public spaces. We know we are in a unique position to reach these people, and we wanted to begin to build a lifeline.”

xHamster receives more daily visitors than the BBC, New York Times, or ESPN.

Those interested in helping those fleeing persecution can do so by supporting Rainbow Refugee.

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