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Ford Discusses Blogging on

Tod Hunter writes for

“I broke the story about the mayor’s marriage being ‘kaput’ — that was my headline back on January 29, talking about L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa,” Ford told XBIZ. “I wrote that initial entry as a media-criticism story, because I didn’t want to write about the health of somebody’s marriage, but this was such an obvious story. The mayor had not worn his wedding ring in public for about eight months. He hadn’t appeared in public with his wife for about a year. Most of the City Hall journalists knew about this, but they knew their editors would never permit them to put this story in the newspaper.

“The story was pushed forward by blogs such as mine on, and the mainstream media is following behind and picking up the pieces.”

KTLA reporter Eric Spillman mentioned the blog news coverage of Villaraigosa’s marriage on his blog on the KTLA website on July 10. Ford responded, and their email exchanges were posted on

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