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Foreign Exchange: Alex Blake Gets a New Family in Swapping Daughters

Pure Taboo takes the fear of the unknown to new heights in its latest daring scene, Swapping Daughters, a sexual trap disguised as a foreign exchange program, starring Alex Blake and Syren de Mer in their Model Debuts, out now at

Blake plays Cassie, a young girl exploring the U.S. for the first time with a new family, played by de Mer and Dick Chibbles. She is excited to explore California’s warm climate and exciting activities while her host family’s daughter Becky (Maya Kendrick in a non-sex role) is with her own parents back in Canada.

Things get weird quickly when her new parents explain that Cassie is staying… permanently. “Us and your parents… we came to an arrangement,” explains her new ‘Dad. “Our daughter would go to them and your parents would send you to us so that we could swap…”

“What kind of needs could I not fulfill for my parents?” cries Cassie in disgust. “We wanted to build a brand new family,” says Mom. “The perfect family… a family that could fuck.”

Written by 3X West, produced by Bree Mills and Craven Moorehead and directed by Moorehead, Swapping Daughters “preys on one of our deepest fears,” says Mills, “feeling unsafe inside your own home with nowhere to go.”

“This scene goes to the very heart of trust – you trust your parents to do the right thing, what’s best for you – but then one day find out that you’ve been betrayed in the worst way possible. What do you do when you’re backed into a corner?”

The trailer and full scene for Swapping Daughters is available at Find out more about stars Alex Blake and Syren de Mer at their official cast pages.

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