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Former Arizona State Cheerleader Courtney Simpson Escorting In Philadelphia?

My profile of her.

Her escort ad.

Marco emails: “The photos are stock photography, bought from brokers such as Ounique (who sell my stock photography). Just because the photos of “Courtney” are actually of Courtney Simpson, it doesn’t mean that Ms. Simpson is escorting–at least not through Philly Top 10 Escorts.”

Stu emails: “Luke:  If you click on the Seattle version (http://  of the Philly escort site (http://, you’ll see about half of the
chicks “available” are the same.  I would bet the whole thing is a scam.”

Why I believe that the use of prostitutes is a very bad thing.

A more worthy use of one’s time rather than reading porn gossip.

Why I strictly oppose all forms of morality and devote every second of my life, except when I’m earning a living, to fighting fornication.

This fight is not just theory for me. It’s been several months since I’ve done that dirty deed. I feel stronger and cleaner because of my sobriety.

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