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Former Pornographer Donny Pauling ‘Phillips’ On CBS Evening News

The XXXChurch says: “We have given Donny Pauling a hard time about his choice of clothes but he does look great now that he has lost almost 50lbs. CBS Evening News just threw this piece up on their website. Listen to what Donny has to say. He calls what he did “Abuse”. He said he was tired of abusing women. If you are consuming porn…maybe the same thing applies. Ever thought about it that way? Donny’s story is so powerful and this weekend alone he shared at a Porn and Pancakes in Redding along with a pastors conference in Michigan. Every time he shares the people in the room see a life change in front of them. Check out his blog THE INDUSTRY right next door.”

Paul Markham responds on JBM:

So you stopped abusing models. Good for you.

Why were you abusing them in the first place?

You can shoot porn without abusing models just some scum bags choose to shoot porn and abuse models.

Don’t go looking for them on Myspace, don’t lie to them, don’t give them drugs, don’t give them alcohol, don’t rob them, don’t con them, pay them and treat them as they should to be treated.

Some scum bags go another route.

Nikki Licks writes:

Donny, do you really think anyone cares? I don’t think anyone here wants to hear you bashing porn and how it ruined your life or you gloating about being on some stupid news report. Just because you dropped out of porn does not mean it is bad. It was bad for you because of your beliefs. Obviously the money was good for you, the women were sweet, you reaped allot of benefits and perks, but now you have a change of heart. You are entitled to change your mind anytime you wish, but ridiculing porn and making it sound terrible to prove something to yourself and your church going buddies is another thing. If porn is all that bad, and it did ruin your life, then why do you still come on adult chat boards? If you are finished with porn, then be finished…riding the fence is a dangerous place to be.

Read more at Donny’s blog.

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