Former Pornstar Battling Cancer

Benjamin Bradley was a gay pornstar between the years 2005 and 2012. He starred in more than 40 porn movies as a versatile switch, being happy on the top or on the bottom. Since then he has also been a model for sexy underwear companies and is a gay icon for the most part. He was very popular with some major gay porn studios like Falcon Studios and Buckshot. For the past few years Ben has been enjoying a good life until it was discovered that he was pretty sick. Apparently he has a tumor in his neck that is from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma which is a type of cancer. The tumor is pressing on his jugular vein and it makes it very hard to breath and swallow. If you’re going to gag on a dick, that’s one thing, but when it’s from a tumor, it’s just not as pleasant. According to online sources Benjamin has spent all of his money on treatments so he is crowdsourcing funds to help with his cancer treatment.

Benjamin isn’t the first pornstar to suffer from an affliction such as this. Some like Jack Hammer have had cancer and beat it. Jack suffered from prostate cancer in the beginning of his porn career and went through treatment successfully. Now he is still a successful porn performer, thanks to the support of his pornstar friends.

Other stars like Amber Rayne also defeated cancer. She had uterine cancer and went through chemotherapy to kick that. She survived that and was very vocal in interviews after going through the whole ordeal because she wanted everyone to know about it. Unfortunately Amber passed away a few years after that from unrelated causes.

Hollie Stevens was the queen of clown porn who actually passed from brain cancer back in 2012. She was very public with her struggle and brought to light the plight of many pornstars. As a contractor, if she was sick, she couldn’t work. Pornstars don’t get the coverage of sick days and vacation time. If they’re not working, they don’t make money. Luckily Hollie’s friends got together and raised a lot of money so that she could pay her rent and other living expenses while her health insurance paid for a lot of her health costs.

When pornstars get sick it is not the best, because porn is not the most secure job in the world. People come and go from this industry all of the time. Everyone wishes the best for the pornstars who have health problems, especially Benjamin Bradley who is suffering right now!

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