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Free Tube Sites- Op/Ed Going to a Website is NOT a CRIME!


OP/ED by Al Blanco. Here’s AL’s new site

 I am not going to wax poetic on this one; I’m just going to lay you out very compelling reasons why I think anyone with half a brain should not pay for porn, period.  You can disagree, that’s fine, but if you are one who is losing money from this you should understand if I feel this way, others do too, and instead of getting all bitchy about it, alter your strategies so people like me do feel compelled to buy porn.
1.  Don’t hate the player, hate the game! – I would think that people who produce porn understand this concept.  There was a time when porn fans, to some extent, needed porn producers to get their fix.  Short of borrowing your friends shit, there was no way of getting new shit at any given moment without paying for it.  Those days are gone.  Long gone.  All of us remember how much we had to grab our ankles to get the newest, hottest shit.  That’s right, exorbitant prices that would make the most shameless pimp blush.  So now that the tables are turned, I am supposed to go out of my way to put money in your pockets?  What happened to all that money you guys used to make?  How porn made more money than NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL COMBINED?  What the fuck are your expenses?  You are telling me you guys are not making a profit?  That’s your fault, quit crying.
2.  It’s about the girls dumbass! – Who are the most ardent watchers of porn?  Straight men.  What do straight men look for in porn?  The girls.  That being said, even when you watch pirated shit, you know the GIRLS ALREADY GOT PAID!  It’s like Ruby said, there’s no residuals in porn for these girls.  I could give a fuck if the guy has nothing to eat, the producer has nothing to eat, the fuckin porn shop has nothing to eat.  As long as the girls who fuck on camera for me got paid, I’m cool.
3 . Making porn is its own reward! – Guess what, a lot of people actually have to WORK for a living, meaning they don’t just produce and distribute videos of girls fucking.  So there, even if you aren’t making great money, you aren’t doing anything for it and you also get to watch lots of girls fuck.  Not making enough money?  Get another fuckin hustle.  You would never see me crying about some shit like that, I’d just get back to my grind.
4.  Going To A Website Is Not A Crime! – Face it, for people watching porn at free tube sites, they do not know what is legit and what is not.  It is not our responsibility to find out.  Am I supposed to investigate every place I patronize to make sure they are not doing illegal shit?  There is no law against going to a website, PERIOD.  If the people who are running the site are accepting and posting pirated content, go after them.  Fact is, every site that has pirated content has legit content, and there is no way of knowing what is legit and what is not.
5.  I Thought Porn Was Legitimate Media? – Any other form of media is available for people for free.  Don’t think so?  TV shows, music?  TV.  Music?  the radio.  Newspapers, books?  The library.  Fact is, you can get all of the above at a library, but you can’t get porn at a library.  If porn was treated like music, movies and books, than it should be made available at our local libraries for all people to enjoy free of charge.  So if that were mandated by our government and companies were forced to provide content for free at libraries and there were no tube sites, we would have the same predicament, wouldn’t we?  Of course we would.
6.  Step ya Fuckin Game Up Player! – Again, I can’t sympathize with people who were basically extorting people and now want to cry about it.  Look at the music industry.  After Napster, the music industry was forced to reevaluate how it did business.  Now we have Itunes etc. where people can purchase the music legally.  Porn has tried to do that, but the fact is the music industry didn’t rub their customers the wrong way like the industry did, so porn fans have no qualms about getting their shit for free.  Step your game up, or find another line of work.  Crying about it is not going to help.  You are fortunate that your line of work sucks in millions of people who if they weren’t genetically cursed with an impulse to spread their seeds as far and wide as possible would never pay a cent for porn.  It’s not a necessity, it’s a stigma.
That’s all I have for now, if I thought about it more I could make it longer.  This took me twenty minutes, and I’m drunk right now, so if I can justify this to myself in that time frame and others who I know will agree with me, my detractors should take heed and decide who is really at fault here.

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