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Friday Afternoon Interviews With Actresses Lorielle New, Julia Sandberg-Hansson

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Meeting at 1:15 p.m. Sept. 21, we talk for 70-minutes by the swings at the park.

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Here’s the final 35 minutes of audio at Starbucks with Julia (Swedish) and Lorielle (American) discussing their appearance in the 2007 movie Postal.

Julia, 24, grew up in Stockholm. Her dad ran a recording studio.

She got online in 1995. “The first person I [cyber-]stalked was Roman Polanski. I would’ve had a good shot if I had met him.”

Lorielle: “She was a very smart, very odd child, an only child with a lot of computer time. She was very interested in films. She was one of those kids who, at age 12, asked, ‘Who did the production design on that?’”

Julia: “Because I didn’t have sex. Because I didn’t have a boyfriend.”

Lorielle: “You were 12!”

Julia: “It went on like that.”

“I saw the Wizard of Oz at five years old and I thought the characters could see me too. Even though I know it’s not true, I still believe that.”

“When I was 13, my mother told me to sleep with as many as men [as possible] so I’d know what I did not want.”

Lorielle: “Sweden is odd.”

Julia: “There’s no mystery to sex. There’s no point. I wish there was some guilt about it. I’d be more excited about it.”

She goes into a Swedish accent. “Yes, take a dip in the sauna and then take a dip in the ocean and come back…”

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